TAMIU Student Compact

Texas A&M International University | COVID-19 Compact | 4 on and off campus • Get vaccinated for COVID-19! • Stay home when you are sick, regardless of symptoms, except to get medical care. • Continue to practice everyday preventive actions (hand-washing, physical distancing, wear reusable/washable or disposable face-coverings, etc.) • Respect physical distancing on campus and off. Continue to keep your distance from others especially if you or they aren’t wearing a face covering. Wearing a face covering is not a substitute for physical distancing. • If you are considering traveling internationally, please visit our International Travel site for additional guidance and requirements. • Understand the risk of attending large gatherings. The more people an individual interacts with at a gathering and the longer that interaction lasts, the higher the potential risk of becoming infected with and spreading COVID-19. • All members of the University  community may be selected randomly and required to test for COVID-19 on campus with consequences for non-compliance. In addition, testing may be required for some TAMIU  in-person activities, classes, events  or programs. • Limit unnecessary travel. • Maintain cleanliness of shared spaces and common surfaces at home, work, and on campus. Tips for living in shared spaces • Do not share personal items (food, vape pens, water bottles, etc.) • Review the City of Laredo COVID-19 website ( https://www.cityoflaredo.com/coronavirus / ) to stay informed about the local situation. • Take care of your emotional health. Physical distancing doesn’t mean social isolation. • Connect with friends and family remotely when possible. • Get your seasonal flu shot. Be on the lookout for the Student Health Services’ Flu Shot Campaign. PRACTICE PREVENTIVE ACTIONS WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE FEELING ILL 2. CALL your healthcare provider prior to showing up at the clinic for evaluation. This will allow healthcare providers to prepare for your visit and give you appropriate instructions regarding your care. DO NOT show up at the clinic without an appointment. 3. GO TO the Student Health Services website at www.tamiu. edu/health for information and services available on campus. 1. If you have symptoms such as COUGH, FEVER, LOSS OF TASTE OR SMELL or other respiratory problems, contact your primary doctor before going to the emergency room. They need to be able to serve those with the most critical needs first. 5. Stay in contact with others by PHONE and EMAIL. 6. MONITOR your symptoms, self- isolate and follow your healthcare provider instructions. 4. All students are required to self report to the TAMU System portal at go.tamiu.edu/covidcontacts

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