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  A directed internship in an organization provides business students with a learning experience supervised by professionals in an organizational setting appropriate to the student´s career objectives. The objective of the A.R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business (ARSSB) Internship Program is to have our students gain real-world work experience through hands-on learning. We are diligently creating new and lasting partnerships with institutions and organizations that will provide such opportunities for our students.*

*If an internship opportunity is not available through us, the student is welcome to reach out to the community and seek an opportunity. It must meet all the requirements set forth by ARSSB for it to be approved.

Internship Requirements
  To be eligible to participate, undergraduate students must have completed 90 credit hours and have at least an overall 2.5 GPA with at least a 3.0 GPA in their major; graduate students must have completed at least 15 graduate credit hours with at least a 3.3 GPA for all attempted course work toward the degree; the internship opportunity must be related to the student´s field of study and requires a minimum of 135 hours of supervised work.

Students who are eligible to take advantage of this opportunity may have these credits applied toward ARSSB degrees.

BA 4398: Business Internship
  • Applies as an advanced business elective for students majoring in Accounting or Management Information Systems
  • Applies as an advanced business elective for students with a concentration in Management or Marketing
  • Applies as an advanced business elective for students with a concentration in Business Administration (upon respective Chair´s review and approval)
  • Applies as a ECO/FIN restricted elective for students with a concentration in Finance or International Economics
BA 5398: Business Internship
  • Applies as a Graduate Level Business Elective or Concentration Course
ACC 4398 or ACC 5398: Accounting Internship*
  • Advanced Accounting Elective: Accounting majors (undergraduate students)
  • Graduate Level Business Elective Course (MBA-Accounting or MPAcc students)

  • * Accounting majors who plan on taking the CPA examination must have their Internships approved by the Accounting Faculty Career Advisor and register for their Internship under an assigned Accounting Department course number. CPA candidates must intern with an approved CPA firm

Applying for an Internship
  1. Discuss your internship with your respective admissions counselor. For graduate students, visit with Imelda Lopez in Western Hemispheric Trade Center (WHTC) 204B or Leiza Nochebuena in WHTC 204A; undergraduate students visit with Maggie Blasco in WHTC 204C. Obtain and fill out the Application Form and the Assumption of Risk Agreement. The counselor will certify that you meet the internship requirements above.
  2. Prepare a one-to-two page Resume that includes your career objectives, education, and work experience. You may also want to include any volunteer work, school or community involvement, or any honors or awards you have received in academia. Undergraduate students may obtain resume writing assistance at the Office of Career Services.
  3. Return the (1) Application, (2) Resume and (3) Assumption of Risk Agreement to Leiza Nochebuena, WHTC 204A no later than the last day of late registration for the semester that you wish to complete the internship.
  4. If it is possible to match you with a suitable position, you will be contacted so that a job interview or interviews may be arranged with the organization seeking intern(s). If the organization selects you, and you accept the position, your next step will be to register for the internship class. If you have already found a possible qualifying position in an organization, you should discuss it with the internship coordinator.
    The internship coordinator may be reached by telephone at 956.326.2822 or by email at lnochebuena@tamiu.edu.

  5. For more information of the ARSSB Internship Program, please contact:
    Leiza Nochebuena
    Internship Coordinator
    WHTC 204A