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Behavioral Sciences Faculty and Staff

Dr. Frances P. Bernat, Chair
Professor of Criminal Justice
CH 301A  /  956-326-2644

Ms. Gloria Villagran, Administrative Assistant
CH 301 / 956-326-2475

Dr. Jeffrey Brown
Associate Professor of Psychology
Dean of Graduate Studies & Research
KL 326 / 956-326-2596

Dr. Anna B. Cieslicka
Assistant Professor of Psychology
CH 205B / 956-326-2611

Dr. Christopher Ferguson
Associate Professor of Psychology
CH 302C / 956-326-2636

Dr. Kelly Frailing
Assistant Professor of Psychology
CH 302G / 956-326-2662

Dr. Cecilia Garza
Associate Professor of Sociology
CH 313J / 956-326-2619

Mr. Ray Garza
Instructor Professor of Psycology
CH 302L 956-326-2618

Dr. Roberto R. Heredia
Professor of Psychology
CH 301A / 956-326-2637

Dr. John Kilburn
Professor of Sociology
CH 302F / 956-326-2667

Dr. Mónica Muñoz
Assistant Professor of Psychology
CH 302D / 956-326-2620

Dr. Otete Okabiah
Visiting Adjunct Professor of Psychology
CH 312D

Dr. Amy L. Poland
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
CH 312F / 956-326-2618

Dr. Maria Romero-Ramirez
Assistant Professor of Psychology
CH 312B / 956-326-2604

Dr. Bonnie Rudolph
Professor of Psychology
Director of Psychology Program
CH 312A / 956-326-2638

Dr. Claudia San Miguel
Assistant Profesor of Criminal Justice
Director of Criminal Justice Program
CH 302J / 956-326-2529

Dr. Judith A. Warner
Professor of Sociology
CH 302F / 956-326-2633

Dr. Marcus Antonius Ynalvez
Assistant Professor of Sociology
CH 313D / 326-2621




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