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Dr.Bonnie Rudolph

Dr.Bonnie Rudolph
KL 426C
Director of the Masters Program in Counseling Psychology

Office Hours: Monday 10 am - 11 am and Tuesday 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm and by appointment Phone: (956) 326-2638
E mail: brudolph@tamiu.edu
Short Term Counseling and Psychotherapy
Stress Management and Aging
Assessment Interviewing
Clinical and Counseling Competencies
Cultural Impacts on the Initial Interview
Personality Traits and Careers
Personality traits of professional psychology students
Personality traits of Mexican American college students
Filial responsibility
First cross-cultural interview alliance buidling

Some Papers presented at professional meetings:

Moderator of panel: Measure of the Intervention Competency:Efforts to Evaluate Professional Psychology Students' Theraphy Interviews." " Introduction to the Research and Training Context of ISSP:Chicago." Paper presented at the International Society for Psychotherapy Research Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL, June 23, 2000.

"The therapy interview skill development inventory: one measure if the intervention competency of professional psychology students." A paper presented at the International Society for Psychotherapy Research Annual Meeting. Chicago, IL, June 23, 2000.

Moderator: Psychotherapists: Then and now. "Personality traits and characteistics of Psychotherapists then and now: A review." A paper presented at the Fifth International Conference on Client-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy. Chicago, IL, June 25, 2000.

Round-Table presentation: Facilitating a Pro-Active Approach to Career-Planning: Efforts on the Mexican-American Border with co-presenter, Virginia Garcia. Careers Across America: National Career Development Association Conference, July, 2002, Chicago, IL.

Symposium: Stress Response Syndromes: Assessment, Treatments and Multicultural Extensions. Chairperson and presenter: Stress response Syndromes: Phasic Responses and Assessment. 2002 Texas, Psychological Association Annual Convention. Fellow panelists: Drs. Jeff and Cecily Cornelius-White. Nov, 2002, San Antonio, TX.



Some Publications:

Rudolph, Bonnie. (2004). The first interview, In D. Charman (Ed.), Core concepts in brief psychodynamic ipsychotherapy. (pp.47-68) Hillside, N.J.: L. Erlbaum.

Rudolph, Bonnie. (2004). Teaching assessment interviewing. In B. Craig, (Ed.), Clinical and diagnostic interviews. Jason Aronson. In press.

Rudolph, B. & Diaz, L. (2003). Am I safe? reactions of Mexican Americans to September 11. (4), 345-357 Journal of Hispanic Higher Education. .

White, J.H.D. & Rudolph, B.A. (2000). A pilot investigation of the reliability and validity of Group Supervisory Behavior scale (GBSS). The Clinical Supervisor, 19(2). 161-171.

Rudolph, B., Craig, R., Leifer, M. & Rubin, N. (1998). Evaluating competency in the diagnostic interview among graduate psychology students: Development of Generic Measures. Professional Psychology Research & Practice, 29(5), 488-491.

Craig, R.J., Loheidi, R.A., Rudolph, B., Leifer, M. and Rubin, N. (1998). Relationship between psychological needs and five factor model of personality classification. Journal of Research in Personality, 32, 519-527.

Smelson, D., Kordon, M., Rudolph, B. (1997). Evaluating the assessment interview: Obstacles and Future directions. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 53(5), 497-505.

Rudolph, B., (1996). Brief Collaborative Theraphy: A Practical Guide for Practitioners. Connecticut: Praeger.

Rudolph, B., (1993). The importance of the midpoint review in time-limited therapies. Professional Psychology: research and Practice, 24(3), 346-352.

Rudolph, B., Datz-Weems, H., Cusack, A., Beerup, C., and Kiel, S. (1993). Assessment interview processes: A successful and failed brief therapy. Psychotherapy in Private practice, 12(2), 17-36.

Rudolph, B., Cardella, R., Datz, H., Jochem, J., Kaldec, M., Mann, G., Someberg, E., and Stone, M., (1991). Illionios schools of Professional Psychology: Brief pchyotherapy Research Project. In L. Beutler and M. Cargo(Eds.) Psychotherapy Research: An International Review of Programmtic Studies(pp 279-285). Washington, Dc: American Psychological Association.


Graduate and Undergraduate Teaching
Psychology of Aging PSYC 3315
Psychology of Personality PSYC 4301
Crisis Counselling PSYC 5335
Career Counseling PSYC 5340
Introduction to Counseling and Psychotherapy PSYC 5301



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