Texas A&M International University
Department of Psychology, Sociology and Soical Work

On behalf of our gifted and committed faculty, our dedicated staff and our enthusiastic and creative students, we welcome you to our beautiful and modern campus and to the Department of Behavioral, Applied Sciences & Criminal Justice. We are a dynamic and growing department that offers degrees in Criminal Justice, Psychology, Social Work and Sociology. This diversity of disciplines is a unique strength of our department and offers faculty and students varied opportunities for collaboration and interdisciplinary study and problem solving. The degrees offered are listed below.

Criminal Justice Psychology Social Work Sociology


Our Mission
In keeping with the mission of the University we prepare students for leadership roles in the professional positions within the four disciplines of our department. We are a community of scholars who are aware of the needs of this region and actively seek solutions to the social, economic and legal problems that are typical along borders. We strive to make our department a safe, and stimulating environment in which all of us learn, develop and contribute.
More Information

Roberto R. Heredia, Professor of Psychology is the Chair of the Department. For more information contact Mrs. Gloria Villagran at 956-326-2475 or Mrs. Yolanda Cantu at 956-326-2476 for Social Work. We welcome your interest in our department.