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The Bilingual Education Program and Plazas Comunitarias in Laredo work collaboratively to benefit both partnership entities and the Mexican and Latino communities in Laredo. The service-learning partnership increases students’ awareness of issues related to low literacy levels in the Spanish speaking community, support the efforts of the Mexican consulate to provide adult education to Spanish speakers, and enhances civic responsibility of TAMIU students participating in the program.

Plazas Comunitarias seeks to provide education services for adults, at the literacy, primary and secondary levels of education to the Latino immigrant population in the Laredo area. Plazas Comunitarias is an adult education program and lifelong learning initiative developed by the Mexican National Institute for Adult Education (INEA by its Spanish initials).

Students in Dr. Sergio Garza’s  class tutor Spanish speaking adults at the literacy, elementary, and middles school level. At the same time students in this program acquire academic Spanish to be applied in their profession as bilingual educators. In the future the program will focused on parental-involvement regarding literacy and leading to a strong service-learning venture.

Service-Learning Class: Language Arts in Spanish (EDBE 4336)


The Bridge TAMIU Student Newspaper
Volume 21, Issue 7, Page 2, March 23, 2012
Article: "Educando a Nuestros Imigrantes"

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Marcela Uribe, Ph.D
Title V, Engaging Sophomores
Program Director of Service-Learning
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