scholarship interests

Scholary Interests

Department of Curriculum & Pedagogy

Dr. Ronald Anderson ·   Flipping the classroom minority language literacy Asheninka language, culture, and literacy
Dr. Candace Baker ·   Positive Behavior Supports, Accommodations, Autism
Dr. Jennifer Coronado
·   Teacher Education
·   Second Language Acquisition
·   Equity Education
Dr. Sergio Garza
·   Bilingual Literacy/Adult Education
Dr. San Juanita Hachar ·   Impact of High-Stakes Assessment on English Language Learners
  ·   Multiple Intelligences Theory as Implemented in Linguistically/Culturally Diverse Classrooms
Dr. Won Gyoung Kim ·   TBA

·   TBA

Dr. Katie Lewis ·   Technology in the Classroom
  ·   Writing Intensive Courses: Online vs Traditional vs Hybrid
  ·   Gifted and Talented students in elementary education
  ·   Gifted programming and its effect on students
  ·   Educational Policy and Education Law
Dr. Diana Linn ·   English language learner disproportionality in special education, cultural autobiogrphies
Dr. Kyung-Shin Park ·  Immune Fuciton In The Blood Affected By Other Than Exercise Intensity Or Hormonal Changes

·  Effects of Exercise Training ON Immune Function in Smokers

  ·  Lower The Prevalence of Obicity In Children
  ·  Maximizing Fat Loss in Adult Population
Dr. Israel Peniel ·   Has value-based leadership diminished among our community leaders?
Ms. Noemi Ramirez ·   Nutrition and physical fitness in adolescents 
Dr. Phillip Roberson ·   The effects of one-on-one intervention on literacy development in K-5 students
  ·   The effects of one-on-one literacy intervention on perceived competence in pre-service teachers
  ·   The effects of supervised early one-on-one field experience on teacher candidate success
Dr. Rafael Romo ·   Mental Preparation of athletes towards athletic competition
  ·   Problems that Athletes face after their games finishes, their playing days are over

.   Problems Mexican-American athletes face in South Texas that prevent them from attending higher education institutions and become     
student-athlete at the collegiate level

Dr. Miroslava Vargas ·   Interlanguage of English language learners at different points of development
  ·   Assessment of young children's oral language through discrete and integrative measures
  ·   Differentiated instruction for English Language Learners
  .    PBL & SL- Project Based Learning & Service Learning
Ms. Linda Villarreal ·   TBA

·   TBA

Dr. Xuesong Wang ·   Professional development of Eary Childhood teachers
  ·   Action researchers of pre-service and in-service teachers
  ·   Cognitive mechanisms involved in reading comprehension processes


Department of Professional Programs

Dr. Randel Brown
·   Religious & moral development of people with disabilities
·   Civil Rights issues of people with disabilities
Dr. Lorraine Dinkel
·   Life/spirituality
·   Crisis/disaster
·   Grief and loss issues
·   Professional School Counseling
Ms. Melissa Garcia
·   Bilingual Speech-Language Pathology

.   Dual Language Intervention

  .   Clinical Supervision of undergraduate students in CSDO
Dr. Sumalai Maroonroge
·   Speech Perception
·   Auditory Brainstem Evoked Potentials
·   Otoacoustic Emission
·   Physiology Testing
·   Vestibular and balance evaluation
Dr. Trace Pirtle
·   Logo Therapy and Existential Analysis
·   Wellness
·   Multicultural Counseling
·   Occupational Aspiration
Dr. George Potter
·   Emotional Intelligence
Dr. Alfredo Ramirez
·   Instructional Leadership
·   Teacher Evaluation Systems
·   Teacher Mentoring Programs
Ms. Rosa Robledo ·   TBA

·   TBA

Dr. Bernice Sanchez
·   Reading and writing connections of College Students
·   College students perceptions and experiences with writing
Dr. Patricia Uribe
·   High School Reform/Alternative Schools
·   Early College High Schools
·   College Readiness
  .   Leadership
  .   Teaching and Learning




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