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2017 President's Report

2017 President's Report Cover

Cervantes & Shakespeare at 400 - In Celebration of Two Giants of Literature on the 400th Anniversary of their Passing!

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the passing of two literary giants: Miguel de Cervantes from Spain, and William Shakespeare from England. The works of these two men have inspired generations of readers from the 16th century onwards. This October, we pay homage to the creative spirit of these writers, whose works encapsulate the joys, the challenges, and the determination of the human spirit. The month-long celebration of Cervantes and Shakespeare includes performances of Shakespeare’s plays, readings from Don Quixote, film screenings, as well as special guest, Dr. Eduardo Urbina, discussing the lasting impact of Cervantes’s novel. Join us on a journey of literary exploration through the minds of two of our world’s greatest authors!