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Below are a series of frequently asked questions about our program and available resources.

  • What is Title V: Sophomore Success?  Sophomore Success is a sophomore initiative at University College designed to enhance the second year experience at TAMIU.  Our program provides additional support in student and career counseling, advising, mentoring, tutoring and supplemental instruction to improve academic performance and generate lifelong learners.  A service-learning component is implemented at the sophomore level to engage students and gain community awareness. 
  • Sophomore Success specifically assists what kind of students?  We assist sophomore students who are currently taking 30-59 semester hours of credit.
  • Where are you located?  What are your office hours?  We are locatedat the Zaffirini Success Center (ZSC) 223.  Our office hours are 8-5 pm, Monday-Friday.                                                                                                   *Summer hours: May 29-August 6, are 8-6 pm, M-TR and 8-12 noon on Fridays.*
  • How can I reduce the stress and anxiety I’m feeling?  College can be very stressful; therefore, we promote wellness amongst our students.  Appointments or walk-ins are available at the Student Counseling Center at ZSC 138.  Our sophomore counselor is available to help you.  Also, enjoy the relaxation room to meditate or de-stress after a rigorous day. 
  • Need help with registration?  We can help!  Our sophomore advisors and mentors are on hand to assist our students with early registration, advising, class scheduling and referrals to student services on campus.  Visit them at the Advising & Mentoring Center (AMC) at ZSC 222. 
  • What major is right for me?  The Office of Career Services provides a spectrum of services to assist students with career counseling, resume reviews, practice interviews, job fairs, and job vacancy notices.  Take the Strong Interest Inventory Questionnaire and find out what careers are best for you.  Please visit our sophomore career advisors at Student Center 114. 
  • How can I improve my course grade?  The University Learning Center (ULC) and Writing Center (WC) offer tutoring and supplemental instructional services to ALL students.  Experienced staff is available on hand. Walk-ins only are welcomed at the ULC.   Both walk-ins and appointments are welcomed at the WC.  Each center provides one-on-one and group tutoring, review sessions and workshops throughout the year.  Both centers can be found next to one another on the second floor of Dr. Billy F. Cowart Hall.  
  • What is a service-learning class? Engaging sophomores through service-learning is an initiative that is committed to promoting student success. Title V supports the development and implementation of service-learning courses at the sophomore level in order to facilitate connectedness with the course content, advanced competency in the content area, and enhanced learning autonomy. Service-learning provides students with a sense of academic purpose and civic awareness. Look for courses with a service-learning component online. 
  • How can my name appear on the Student Success Wall located on the second floor at the Zaffirini Success Center?  The Student Success Wall better known as Four Years, Many Futures, recognizes sophomores, juniors and seniors who are on a successful four year path towards graduation.  The wall is updated every fall semester followed by a small ceremony.
  • How can I fully utilize all the resources on Angel’s community group, My Sophomore Year?  Sophomores have access to My Sophomore Year (MSY), a community group on Angel.  Most of all, MSY is a useful sophomore support group which connects sophomores to a broad collection of academic resources and links.  It showcases current events, special announcements, services, and online advising.  It’s a one-stop shop for sophomore needs.