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Institutional Research


The Institutional Research department helps in

  • Collecting, maintaining, and preserving institutional data.
  • Providing data analysis to inform executive decision-making and strategic planning initiatives.
  • Engaging in systematic, continuous, and integrated research activities related to student/applicant, finance, grants and human resources data.
  • Ensuring validity and reliability of the data and research methodologies utilized.
  • Responding to federal and state mandated reporting requirements as well as requests from other external agencies as appropriate.
  • Serving as the official reporting office for the institution.
  • Facilitating program review and institutional assessment activities.
  • Supporting regional and professional accreditation activities.
  • Providing expertise in research methods and other higher education issues.

As implied by the mission statement and the activities listed, OIR has access to a wide variety of data elements from multiple systems of record. The data are considered as an institutional asset and as such are provided to faculty/staff with a legitimate need in accordance with the Code of Ethics and Professional Practice of the Association for Institutional Research, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Texas A&M International University Administrative Data Governance Policy.


Texas A&M International University Fall Quick Facts:

Download Quick Facts Fall 2021 (PDF)

8,455 students enrolled. Enrollment consisted of 5,282 full time students, 1,608 part time students, and 1,565 graduate students.

1,139 students are full-time first time in college (FTIC) students.

Fall 2021 has a 74% retention rate of full-time FTIC students who enrolled in Fall 2021.

Students by classification: 1,138 freshmen, 1,189 sophomores, 1,789 juniors, 2,774 seniors, and 1,565 graduate students.

Students by gender: 5,223 female students and 3,232 male students

21:1 student-faculty ratio 

1,277 degrees were awarded in the 2020-2021 academic year consisting of 1,277 undergraduate degrees and 576 graduate degrees.


Earlier Fact Sheets:

Download Quick Facts Fall 2020


Other data references:

U.S. Census Post-Secondary Employment Outcomes [External Link]

This data dashboard is an experimental product from the US Census Bureau containing earning outcomes and employment flows for recent graduates.





EmpowerU is a Texas A&M System data dashboard. It includes data about the system and each university within the system.

TAMUS EmpowerU

University Performance Accountability Reports


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