Salaries are calculated for all TAMIU personnel involved with the project: faculty, technicians, clerical and students. To determine the rate of earnings for a replacement instructor or professional support staff, contact your Department Chair, Dean and Human Resources Office ext. 2363. Rates vary according to discipline and experience. Stipends for graduate and undergraduate students can be determined by contacting your Department Chair and/or Career Planning & Placement Office ext. 2260. Checking with these sources will ensure that rates are consistent with University policies. To estimate rates of a salary for faculty and/or other personnel, calculate the rate based on contracted months. For example:
9-month contracted personnel
Annual Salary/9 months = monthly rate
Annual Salary/39 weeks = weekly rate
Annual Salary/39 weeks/5 days = day rate

Pay Plan calculate hourly wage in this manner:

Annual Salary divided by 2088 hours = Hourly rate
Example: $15,000.00 Annual Salary equates to

$1,250.00 Monthly or $7.19 Hourly

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