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Autism Center
Meeting Growing Need
The Autism Interventions Center is
providing much-needed diagnostic and
evidence-based intervention services for
persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders
TheCenter was founded in 2010 by the
College of Education with federal funding
support. Its mission provides access to
diagnosis and professional opportunities
for growth in Autism education.
This year, the Center hosted three
successful fund-raising efforts: the “Swing
for Autism” Golf Tournament, a Wine
Tasting and a “Rockin’ forAutism” benefit.
All enabled the Center to offer a
Summer School program and award
partial or full scholarships to nine students
and individual sessions to children.
To learn more about the work of the
Center and how you can help
Inspiring Innovation
Future is Close-Up at TAMIU
The image appears, looking like a surreal planet
with mountains, plains and odd “plants” spiking up
It’s actually the outside of a minute spore brought
to much-larger life through a new Scanning Electron
Microscope (SEM) that affords rare studyand research
opportunities for TAMIU faculty and students.
“This opens new horizons for faculty and student
research. It elevates science programming, providing
opportunities usually only available at much larger
universities. It enhances student competencies for
further graduate or doctoral study,” said Dr. Pablo
Arenaz, provost and vice president for Academic
The SEM is funded by Graduate Retention
Enhancement at TAMIU (GREAT), a Title V PPOHA
Program of the U.S. Department of Education.
It’s bringing little-seen worlds and futures into
sharper focus at TAMIU.