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Just Don’t
Call him Dummy:
‘SIM Man’ Lends
Nursing Students
Helping Hand
One would expect high tech
gadgets in a science lab, but College of
Nursing and Health Professions’ Dr. F.
M.CansecoSchool of Nursing students
find using state of the art equipment
helps them learn critical thinking and
prioritization skills.
“The Simulation Lab was set up to provide
experiences using simulationbefore students enter
hospital settings,” explained Natalie Burkhalter,
associate professor of Nursing.
Students use “SIM Man,” a high fidelity
manikin which has hemodynamic monitoring and
mimics intensive care or emergency room patients
with life-threatening injuries. The manikins breathe,
have a pulse, have a measurable blood pressure and
simulate life-threatening events.
“There’s also a manikin that delivers a baby,”
noted Burkhalter.
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TAMIU Research Reveals
Possible Prevention
for Atrophy
acupuncture with herb medicine could prevent
atrophy, a decrease in muscle size, of skeletal
Dr. Sukho Lee, associate professor of
education, said muscle atrophy is a major concern
accompanyingmicrogravity, aging, neuromuscular
disease or injuries.
“Acupuncture and herbs have been used
predominantly as therapeutic interventions of
muscle atrophy,” he said, “However, little was
known about the effects of these on the skeletal
muscle mass and function.”
Lee has submitted his study to the American
College of Sports Medicine for consideration at its
annual Conference in February.