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Annual Giving 2012-2013
Conquering heights
President’s Circle - ($10,000.00 + )
Canseco Foundation
Coca-Cola Bottling Company, Inc.
ConocoPhillips, Inc.
Matias de Llano Charitable Trust
Frances and Blackstone Dilworth
Doctors Hospital of Laredo
The Honorable Elma Salinas and David Ender
EOG Resources, Inc.
Juanita and Eduardo A. Garza-Robles
Diane and Tom Gates
D. D. Hachar Charitable Trust Fund
Housing and Residence Life at TAMIU
International Bank of Commerce
Patricia and Ray M. Keck, III
John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy
Memorial Foundation
Killam Family Foundation
Laredo Asian Association
Laredo Medical Center
Laredo Medical Center Gift Shop
Laredo Specialty Hospital
Nora and Dr. Francisco A. Leal
Diana S. and Albert T. Lowry
Guadalupe and Lilia Martínez Foundation
Ana and David T. Newman
Peggy J. Newman
Prairie Foundation
Fernando A. Salinas Charitable Trust
Elizabeth and Hank Sames
A. R. “Tony” and Maria J. Sanchez
Family Foundation
Sanchez Oil & Gas Corp.
Naomi and Dr. Erik Robert Sloman-Moll
South Texas Academic Rising Scholars
Evelyn and Carroll E. Summers, Jr.
Lamar Bruni Vergara Trust
Winn Exploration, Co.
Dean’s Circle - ($5,000.00 + )
AEP - American Electric Power
Sonia ’87 and Guillermo Benavides Z., Jr.
Chesapeake Energy, Inc.
Chick-fil-A of Laredo FSU
Farm Credit Bank of Texas
Hurd Enterprises, LTD
Kinder Morgan Foundation
Logistics and Manufacturers Association
Port Laredo
Ann and George E. Neel, Jr.
Union Pacific Foundation
Scholar’s Circle - ($1,000.00 + )
Academy, LTD
Norma and Dr. Pablo Arenaz
Border Beauty Supply, Inc
Border Well Services, Inc.
Verónica T. ’01 and Dr. Jeffrey M. Brown
Gracy B. ’08 and James Bonnette
Natalie C. Burkhalter
Pamela Caballero and Dr. Jaime S. Ortiz
Cantú Interiors
Juan J. Castillo, Jr.
CenterPoint Energy Entex
Araceli ’99 and Michael E. Cortez ’82
Crane Engineering Corp.
Pearl and Edwin D. Dickerson
Edith ’96, ’09 and Juan E. Guerra
Raúl Guerra ’90
Estate of Rudolph Hafernik
Hector Hall
Sylvia E. Hazlerig
Candy and Conrado M. Hein, Jr. ’78
Dr. Michael C. Hosokawa
The Honorable George P. Kazen
Dr. Hayley ’05 and John A. Kazen
Laredo Childcare Advocates, Inc.
Leyendecker Construction, Inc.
Mary Lamar ’75 and Gary Leyendecker
LMJ Imaging Services
Mendoza Maintenance Group, Inc.
Ada M. ’93 and Marcus N. Moreno ’92
N.H.S. ’92
Papa John’s Pizza
Estate of Anthony J. Pellegrino
Dr. Bonnie A. Rudolph
Nancy Black and Dr. Tagi Sagafi-Nejad
San Antonio CPA CE Foundation
Southern Distributing Company, Inc.
Stewart Title Company, LLC
Time Warner Cable
Mary T. ’72 and Ernest Treviño, Jr.
Nicole J. ’98 and Dr. Dominic R. Vallone
Dr. Susan and Gene S. Walker, Sr.
Wells Fargo Foundation
George T. Williams
Women’s City Club
The Honorable Judith and Carlos Zaffirini, Sr.
Mary H. and Robert C. Zamora
University Partner’s Circle - ($500.00+ )
Anita and Frank C. Averill
Border Lease Services
Lupita ’99, ’06 and Dr. Randel D. Brown
Linda and Ernest M. Bruni
Laredo Main Street
Cuéllar, Saldaña, Cuéllar, Morales and
Company, PLLC
Embassy Suites
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Drs. Berenisse E. ’02 and
Sergio E. Espinoza, Jr. ’03
Frank Architects, Inc.
Diana T. and Ricardo García
María E. and Francisco J. Garza
GEO Mortgage Services, Inc.
Gold’s Gym
Janice and Arnulfo González, Jr.
Leonor G. and Francisco A. Guerra
Liliana Licón and Conrad M. Hein
Judith D. and John C. Kilburn
KST Properties, LTD
Dolly and Dr. Julio F. Madrigal
AMaldonado Co, Inc.
Ramiro E. Menchaca, P.C.
Mike’s Paint Place
Drs. Linda M. ’77, ’82 and Thomas R. Mitchell
Betty and Óscar Moreno ’01
Ghada and Dr. Leonard J. Nardone
Public Identity, Inc.
Pura Nutrition
Adriana and Ed Ramírez, Jr.
Dr. Minita Ramírez ’83
Rodríguez Insurance Agency
Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
Toni ’84 and Vito A. Ruiz, Jr.
Sames Motor Company
H. M. Shelton, Jr.
Dr. Judson J. Somerville
Sunbelt Air Conditioning and
Refrigeration Service, Inc.
Texas Community Bank
Time Warner
Miguel A. Treviño
Sarah M. and Ernesto Uribe
USTA Texas Section
Linda D. and Charles M. Williams
Carole and Abe S. Wilson
Irene and Robert S. Zamora, Jr.
Century Circle - ($100.00 + )
Rose and John Aaron
About Time, Inc.
Dr. Patricia I. ’85 and Juan M. Abrego ’85
Sherifat and Ferguson J. Adesoye ’85
Judy and Ricardo E. Alexander
Juan G. Alfaro ’03
Cristina N. ’05 and Gerardo Alva ’01
Aramark Corporation
Ethel and Peter R. Arguindegui, Jr.
Nicole and Claudio Arias
Alexis A. Arrambídez ’11
Haifa and Dr. Rafic Bachnak
Sylvia L. Barrera
Dr. Pablo Biswas
Dr. Deborah L. Blackwell
Napa Barrel Care
Trina E. ’99 and Nathan R. Bratton ’81
Benjamin C. Birdwell ’92, ’95
Dr. Manuel Broncano
Regan E. and Keith Bronikowski
Brown Hyundai of Laredo
Carmen L. Bruni
Buffalo Wild Wings
Dr. Norma Elia Cantú ’73
Linda J. ’98 and Dr. Barry Carr
Dr. Sara M. ’96 and Adolfo Carrasco, Jr.
Jeffrey A. Castañeda ’11
Marta Castro ’00 and Oscar Jasso
Centro Cristiano Monte Horeb
Dr. Jui-Chin Chang
Chevron USA Products Co.
Cathy M. Colunga
Janet M. and Dr. Billy F. Cowart
Dissinger Reed
Marian S. and Patrick R. Doran
Susan and Dale Dyess
Laura ’95, ’10 and Ramiro Elizondo
Dr. Robert D. Evans, Jr.
Ernst D. Feisner
Linda Fisch
Fischbeck Welding, Inc.
Ernesto M. Flores, Jr. ’77
Rebecca and Christopher D. Foster
Freddy’s Insulation, Inc.
Martee and Dr. Jan F. Fuerst
Juan G. García, Jr. ’05, ’07
Imelda and Luis R. García
Verónica E. and Robert García
Olga P. ’90, ’98 and Richard E. Gentry
Eugene N. Goetz
Sam M. Goldfarb, Jr.
Jane and Dr. Timothy Goles
Amelia B.González ’79
Dr. Belva J. González
Gina ’99, ’01 and Gilberto González
Juan J. González, III ’99
Ronnie González and Héctor M. Chapa ’97
Sandra and Roel González