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The Matías De Llano Charitable Trust, administered by International
Bank of Commerce (IBC Bank) donated a total of $400,000 to Texas
A&M International University (TAMIU). IBC Bank Trust Committee
representatives presented the checks to TAMIU president Ray Keck and
KLRN president and CEO Mario Vázquez.
A donation of $250,000 will benefit TAMIU’s Engineering Program
enabling the University to expand its engineering program offerings
to include new engineering degrees, including a planned petroleum
engineering degree.
“We are most humbled by the generous support provided by the Matías
de Llano Charitable Trust and the IBC Bank Trust Committee. The Trust
has provided dedicated student scholarship programs for many years. This
dynamic gift fuels two areas of TAMIU program growth: engineering and
communication. Both hold tremendous interest for our students, and allow
them to realize new career futures. We believe that Mr. De Llano’s vision
for his Trust’s mission is truly being manifested by this remarkable gift to
TAMIU,” said Dr. Keck.
The second donation of $150,000 was granted to help establish a
KLRN Television studio on the TAMIU campus. The contribution will be
used to purchase and install new video production equipment to produce
programs locally and for TAMIU’s Communication program.
De Llano Charitable Trust Provides $400,000 in Gifts
* deceased
Left to right: Dr. Ray Keck, Larry Norton, MarioVázquez, Cliffe Killam, Dennis Nixon, Eliza González.
Mary Esther and Dr. Stanley Green
Dr. Cathy Guerra
Irasema ’79 and Alberto A. Gutiérrez
Rita M. ’97, ’06 and Dr. Milton Haber
Jessica ’01 and Aladdin T. Hall ’01
Maria Elena ’82 and Ramiro Hernández
Dr. Conchita and John F. Hickey
Shelley Jones ’89
Marilyn Jozwiak
Diana and Federico Juárez, III ’92, ’08
Raquel Sepúlveda Juarez ’00
Toni * ’87 and Dr. José R. Juárez
Judith A. and Daniel A. Kiger
Dr. Namwon Kim
Sammy Knippa
Laredo Lemurs
Laredo Pizza Factory, LCC
Larry A. Norton & Co.
Daniel A. Lathey
Susana A. Laurel
Lewis Energy Group
Leyendecker Lumber
Graciela and Dr. Kevin D. Lindberg
Nerissa S. Lindsey
Jenny and Luis Lidsky
Dr. Diana Linn ’94 and Máximo Contreras
Juanita R. ’77 and Dr. Juan R. Lira ’75
Patsy and Frank López
Gino J. Lutz
Alejandro A. Martinez, Jr. ’89
Elena M. Martínez ’93
Elizabeth N. ’80, ’01 and Mario E. Martínez
Guadalupe Martínez ’08
Karla E. ’08 and Roberto C. Martínez ’06, ’09
Rosa and Mercurio Martínez, Jr.
Verónica G. Martínez ’96, ’98
Kathryn and Gordon Mayeux
John McCaw
James P. McGrath
Ana and Héctor M. Mejía
Jessie M. Mena
Carlos O. Mata
Lisa and Henry A. Miller ’00, ’12
Sherry and Edwin Miller
Dr. Cecilia ’83 and Samuel Moreno
Leticia Morán ’78
María G. ’88, ’04 and Sergio Moreno
Most Hated Gear
Linda and Dr. Daniel J. Mott
Multilog Solutions, LLC
National Society Children of the American
Revolution Red Hill Chapter
Drs. Lola O. ’99 and James A. Norris
Salvador Ochoa, III ’88
Jessica Palacios ’03
Brya and Mukunthan Panneerselvam ’03
Lisa L. and John S. Paul
Sandra E. and Mario A. Peña ’00
Dr. Bernice Y. and Gerardo A. Pérez ’08
Linda J. and Alfredo G. Pérez ’89, ’09
San Juanita Pérez ’04, ’08
Melissa M. ’08 and Jeremy B. Peters, III
María Eugenia ’99, ’01 and Robert Porter
Valissa and Chad A. Porter
Kathryn L. and Dan Prehoda
Proverbs Management, LLC
María Eva U. Ramírez
Delma L. ’85 and Archie Ramos ’03
Melisa R. ’95 and Marcelino Rangel, III ’96
Lu Rao ’90
Rapidhaul, LLC
Barbara and William Ratchford
Larry Ratcliff
Deborah L. and Peter L. Ray
Alice and Roy Reaves
Epitacio R. Reséndez, III ’88
David L. Reuthinger, Jr. ’04
Denise and Óscar E. Reyna
María de Lourdes ’84 and Fernando Rodríguez
María R. and Adrian Rosales
Barbara Sack
Janet K. and Juan A. Salinas ’72
Dr. Claudia E. ’97, ’99 and
Fructuoso San Miguel ’92, ’02
Mary Esther and Dr. Homero R. Sánchez
Mary and Christopher Savold
Virginia A. and William H. Selzer, Jr. ’88
Juanita M. Soliz ’99
Nena and Rene Solís ’72
Susan Soto
South Texas Liquor Company
Lakshmi and Dr. S. Srinivasan
Stagecoach Cartage & Distribution, LP
Studio 55 Day Spa & Salon
Sultanas of the Zahara Caravan # 64
Superior Car Wash
Mary and Gordon Taggart
Terry and Wing N. Tang ’90
Sara ’74 and Dr. Jerry Thompson
Marivic B. Torregosa
Dionisio Torres
Ernestina G. ’77 and Pedro Treviño
Martha S. ’05 and Ervey Treviño
Dr. Yvonne S. ’79, ’82 and Joe H. Valdez
Vaswani Soccer Ventures, LLC
Juan G. Vela Cuéllar
Petra and Antonio Z. Vela ’99
Kay and Davy Ward
Dr. Frances C. Waters and Ronald J. Waters
Patricia M. and John P. Watkins
Virginia D. Watkins ’11 and Dr. Michael Grayson
Krimhild and Rodney M. Webb
Cassandra L. Wheeler and Dr. Leebrian E. Gaskins ’13
Wintergarden Abstract & Guaranty Co., Inc.
Ivonne ’08 and Jimmy Wise
Isabel ’00 and Jerry S. Woods
Drs. Ruby A. and Marcus Ynálvez
Donna and James Young
Debra and Felix Zykoff