Changing Degrees/Concentrations

Undergraduate Students
Undergraduate students may change from one degree/concentration to another by submitting the Request for Change of Degree Plan Information to the Office of the University Registrar.

Graduate Students
Graduate students may change between one business program to another business program before starting their studies may do so by submitting the Request for Change of Entrance Form to Office of Graduate Studies without acquiring a charge.  Those students who change once they have initiated their program will have to cover a fee.

Graduate Students who wish to change their concentration will have to submit the Graduate Change of Minor/Concentration/Catalog Form to Office of Graduate Studies after obtaining approval from the Division Chair of the appropriate department. A charge will not be applied.
It is mandatory that students wishing to make changes to their program/concentration visit with their graduate advisor who will verify student meets the prerequisite requirements.

Transfer Credit

Undergraduate Students
Undergraduate students who successfully complete the core curriculum of another state-assisted institution of higher education in Texas may transfer that block of courses to TAMIU. The student will receive academic credit for each of the courses transferred. A student transferring to TAMIU who has not completed the common core curriculum will be required to complete his or her common core curriculum as specified by TAMIU.

Students must satisfactorily complete all degree requirements specified by the school or college in which the degree is offered. Individual academic programs may require courses contained as options in the University Core Curriculum to satisfy specific degree requirements. Students may be required to take additional courses if they fail to select these courses.

All students admitted as transfer student should make an appointment with an advisor in the Office of the University Registrar to review their transfer credit and how it will apply to their chosen degree program.  For more information visit Office of the University Registrar.

Graduate Students
Graduate students may petition to transfer a maximum of two courses of graduate coursework for which a grade of “B” or better was earned at an accredited institution and must not be part of a previously earned degree.  Coursework may not be more than seven years old by the time the student graduates.  Transfer credit may apply solely for elective/concentration courses only; required courses that are part of the business graduate curriculum must be completed at TAMIU.

To initiate the request, the student must complete a Request for Transfer of Credit Form and submit required documentation to the graduate academic advisor for processing.  Request must be approved by both the Division Chair and Dean of the ARSSB.

Degree Time Limit

Undergraduate Students
Undergraduate students have five years to complete their business program in the catalog that they are following.  A change to a current catalog may be requested if students took courses within that specific year.  All requirements of the current catalog must be met.

Graduate Students
Graduate students have a seven consecutive year time frame to finish their business program.  Time begins with the earliest graduate level course taken that applies to the degree program whether the student was enrolled as a degree-seeking or non-degree seeking student.  Time limitation is applicable to courses being transferred from another institution.

Applying for Graduation

All business students expecting to graduate in an upcoming semester must apply for graduation by the deadline specified in the Academic Calendar. Students may obtain the Application for Graduation online through the Office of the University Registrar or with their respective academic advisor who must verify the completion of the graduation requirements.

The application form must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar once the application fee has been paid at TAMIU’s Business Office.

Dual Degree Policy: 2nd Bachelor's Degree / 2nd Master's Degree

Undergraduate Students
Undergraduate students who have or will be attaining a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at TAMIU and seek to obtaina second BBA must complete at least an additional twenty-four semester credit hours at Texas A&M International University, satisfies any additional requirements, including specific course requirements of the second degree, and meets the required grade point average.

Graduate Students
Graduate students seeking a second master’s degree from the ARSSB must apply for admission into the second master’s degree.  Please visit with the graduate advisor to obtain application information.  If admitted, a student must complete twenty-one semester credit hours of graduate-level business courses beyond the coursework in the degree plan(s) of all prior master’s degrees taken from the ARSSB and must meet all other requirements of the intended degree.

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