Special Events Reservation Request Form

In order to fulfill the needs of your organizational event adequately, please enter all information correctly.  Completed request must be received by the Program Coordinator in the FPAC (Room 208B) at least one month prior to the date of the event. All requests are considered on a first come first considered basis, with priority given to FPA events, followed by University sponsored events, and finally to external events. The university administration reserves the right to deny space usage for any group/event that is programmatically or operationally impossible to accommodate or that conflicts with the University's mission or policies. For more information, please contact the Program Coordinator at (956) 326-3040.
NOTE: Your reservation is not confirmed until the Program Coordinator has sent you a Contract and you have returned it with the appropriate signatures and deposits. This form is NOT a confirmation for any requested event.
Section I - General Information
Name of Event:
Sponsoring Organization:
Primary Contact:


Secondary Contact:


Account to be charged:
Section II - Description of Event
Event Date: Event Time: (Begin) (End)
Amount of pre-access time requested

Requested rehearsal date(s) and time(s):
(Please Note: While we will endeavor to schedule more than one rehearsal date if requested, usage demands may dictate that only one Dress Rehearsal be scheduled for each event):

Date: Event Time: (Begin) (End)
Date: Event Time: (Begin) (End)
Type of Event:

Music Recital        Dance      Orch/Band Concert      Theatrical
Small Music Ensemble                 Lecture/Assembly

Est. Attendence**: Est. Attendence at Rehearsal**:
Donations taken, or tickets sold? yes  no
If so, ticket price/suggested donation
Are you requesting a reception? yes
Rooms(s) requested:
FPAC Recital Hall        Main Lobby              Black Box Theater
Recital Hall Lobby        Rehearsal Hall          Gallery Foyer
Dressing Rooms            Holding Room
Piano/Recital       Page turner chair        Steinway D (concert grand)
Steinway B
        Choral Risers              Stage (Black Box)          Dance Floor  
Orch/Band*  -  Number of chairs 
Small Instrumental Ensemble*  -  Number of stands
Podium w/ Mic
Handheld Mic - Number of floor mics
Welcome Table (Lobby) - Number of additional tables
Other/Special Requests
Check this box if you would like for the Office of Public Affairs and Information Services to consider your event for publication in the TAMIU Online Events Calendar.
Section III - Catering
Aramark Food service has exclusive catering rights on the campus of Texas A&M International University. No outside food of any kind is permitted. Please contact the Food service Department at (956) 326-2091 to make all catering arrangements once your event has been confirmed. All requests for food service must be received at least two weeks prior to the date of the event. Any requests made after that date may be denied, or will be subject to late charges.

*Please FAX or mail a drawing of your requested ensemble set-up no later than 2 weeks prior to event.

** A University Police Officer must be present for any event at which expected attendance will exceed 50 people (1 officer per 200 people); at which admission is being paid, donations are taken, or any other cash transactions occur; or at which alcohol will be served. The fee is $21.60 per hour per officer, and the service begins 30 minutes prior to event start time, and extends to 30 minutes past the event end time. The sponsoring organization is responsible for these charges, whether or not a room rental fee is incurred.