Master of Arts in English

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The Master's program in English is designed with a blend of flexibility in course offerings and rigor in the skills students acquire and knowledge of literature that they develop. Below you will find more information about the program, the degree plan, and courses. For additional information, contact Dr. Paul Niemeyer, graduate program advisor, at pniemeyer@tamiu.edu or 956-326-2645.

Mission Statement of the MA in English

The Master of Arts degree in English fosters in-depth and focused studies into American, British, and world literatures in order to: promote an understanding of and appreciation for language as the means of effective communication and artistic expression; enhance critical thinking about texts and their historical, social, and cultural contexts; cultivate research methods needed to critique those contexts; and improve student oral and written communication in its complexity of analysis of texts. The Master of Arts program prepares graduates for post-graduate work and for competitive careers in the public and private sectors.  

Degree Overview

Master of Arts in English (MA)


Courses in English

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