Our Mission

The Department of Humanities offers a wide array of undergraduate programs in English, History, and Spanish, along with Master of Arts degrees in English, History and Political Thought, and LLT (Language, Literature, and Translation). In addition, Humanities offers courses (based in College Station) and houses the International Language Institute.

Humanities' programs and courses present a holistic educational approach that develops students seeking a Liberal Arts education. The department's faculty is dedicated to fulfilling TAMIU's mission by upholding the core principles of integrity, respect, and academic excellence. Our graduates will think critically and possess the skills necessary to communicate and make decisions effectively in the global environment. They will have the tools to take leadership positions in the fields of higher education, public service, and the private sector, serving in such essential roles as those of administrators, analysts, writers, researchers, and translators.

Department Chair

Dr. Debbie Lelekis

Dr. Debbie Lelekis

Department Chair
Associate Professor
AIC 378


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