TAMIU On-Campus Testing
Last updated: 10/23/20
For a comprehensive week-by-week breakdown, please visit our COVID TESTING DASHBOARD.
Date Total Tested Positive Negative Inconclusive Estimated Recovered Positivity Rate* Laredo Positivity Rate
Cumulative Totals 2742 48 2660 34 46 1.75% 21.64%

*The Positivity Rate is the percentage of positive test results to the total number of tests conducted at TAMIU.

Updated: 10/22/2020

Office of the President

Dear University Community,

The 11 th annual offering of Make a Difference Day is a little different this year, but as impactful as always.

This year, the Student Government Association’s (SGA’s) evergreen service event is reaching out to a group of community members impacted most by the COVID-19 Pandemic…our elderly.

This week, the SGA’s Leaders Organizing Volunteering Events (L.O.V.E.) Committee has gathered students  to write encouraging letters to residents at the Hamilton Senior Community Apartments downtown. This heartwarming project builds a bridge between two generations, allowing each to share different experiences and memories… and make a new connection. The letters will be delivered this Friday. It’s really a beautiful way to “make a difference,” one letter at a time.

Last week, the TAMIU-Lamar Bruni Vergara Literacy Partnership received a generous donation of $2,000 from Laredo’s League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Council No. 7 in support of literacy tutoring services provided to students whose first language is Spanish.

José González, LULAC Council No. 7 vice president  and Nora Montemayor, the Council’s Education Committee chair delivered the donation. Here’s more on their donation and the TAMIU-LBV Literacy Partnership.

Throughout October, TAMIU, SOLE and the University student organization Campus Ally Network, celebrate LGBTQ+ History Month. Read spotlight interviews with alums and explore recommended films and reading at the dedicated website.

I’m also excited to announce that our Employee Giving Campaign, VIVA TAMIU 2020, which supports student scholarships and program development, has broken records. The campaign concluded last week and a record 387 donors participated, raising $66,120. An outstanding 60% of faculty/staff contributed…and 196 of those doing so were TAMIU alums.  Given the challenges we all share these days, this level of support and participation is especially uplifting and will do much to help. 



Our dedicated online COVID-19 Response Center ,  is your go-to resource for new information, including weekly on-campus testing results posted Fridays.  You can also schedule free COVID-19 tests on campus every Tuesday and Wednesday. Whether you’re asymptomatic or symptomatic, testing provides crucial information to continue to protect yourself and others.



Please  schedule your free   COVID-19 Testing opportunity. This is the best way to protect yourself, your colleagues and your family.

The 7th Annual TAMIU Athletics’ Voz de Niños Toy Drive is now underway. Pickup dates run through Nov. 12.  Holidays this year will be especially challenging for so many families, so please consider supporting this worthy endeavor. Dan Lathey, associate athletics director, can provide more information at 956.326.2892 or by email at dlathey@tamiu.edu

The SECC Campaign has received $37,949 in pledges for 72% of last year’s total. Three additional offices have 100% participation:

Office of Global Initiatives

Staggs Academy of International and STEM Studies

Budget, Payroll and Fiscal Analysis

The campaign closes in nine days.  Your support assists agencies providing critical services in our community and beyond.

Congratulations to Juan G. Pérez from Recreational Sports who has been named the winner of the 2020 Outstanding Employee Service Award.  We also recognize his colleagues and fellow Award nominees:

Jessica Pérez - Environmental Health and Safety

Christine Rojas - Office of Public Relations, Marketing and Information Services

Juan Manuel Vasquez - Office of Recruitment and School Relations

Rebeca Litman - Department of Educational Programs

Lorna Espinoza - Office of Student Orientation, Leadership and Engagement

Hilda Dennis - Office of the Associate Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs

Mirian Granados - Office of Recruitment and School Relations

Lourdes Kristina Valenciano - Community Relations and Special Events

Roberto “Bobby” González - Office of Information Technology

Cindy Martínez - Division of International Business & Technology Studies

Erika Medrano - Department of Humanities

Yelitza Howard - Career Services

Brenda Y. Diaz - Office of Financial Aid

Laura Elizondo - Office of Financial Aid

Rocio García – Athletics Department.



The University has begun random on-campus assurance testing of all members of the University community: students, staff and faculty.  Those selected receive an email inviting them to participate. I encourage you to test.  Increased COVID-19 testing provides increased protection for all and enhances our contact tracing and outbreak mitigation efforts. 

I want to remind all on-campus students, employees and visitors that our masking requirement remains in place.  There is NO mask removal indoors or outdoors with the exception of eating a meal or periodic removal in order to drink a beverage.  If you are in a private office space or room, you may remove your mask, but must wear it when this private space includes any other individual.  These are our campus rules and we expect all to abide by them.

Always exercise your personal responsibility during this health crisis.  CDC researchers have now identified household gatherings as a rising source of infection nationwide, so please maintain rigorous distancing and masking standards.  Everyone must do their  part to protect all Dustdevils:  students, faculty, staff and visitors.  It’s the Dustdevil way.

As TAMIU Back Together we have an important and ongoing role in the recovery of our city, state, nation and world. 

Yes, we’re all fatigued.  However, COVID-19 is not.  Our commitment against this ongoing adversity must remain strong.  It’s a matter of Life.

Be Safe. Be Well.

Pablo Arenaz, Ph.D.




How is it Spread?

sneezing emoji with tissue icon

Coughing and sneezing

woman and man in close contact icon

Close personal contact

soap dispenser icon

 Not washing hands

hand icon

Touching your mouth, nose, or eyes

Prevent the Spread!

Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

Do NOT touch your mouth, nose, or eyes with unwashed hands

Avoid close contact with people who are sick

Cover your cough and sneeze with a tissue, throw tissue in trash

Clean and disinfect objects and surfaces

Stay home from work or school if you have fever or are not feeling well.




Symptoms may appear in as few as 2 days or approximately 2 weeks after exposure.

Symptoms may include:

sad emoji with thermometer in mouth


coughing emoji with mask


lung icon

Difficulty Breathing


If you have symptoms, contact a healthcare provider. Current TAMIU Students can call Student Health Services at (956) 326-2236 or visit Student Center (STC) room 125.


Download COVID-19 PDF Flyer