Program Dates: Winter 2016

The A. R. Sanchez Jr. School of Business will offer a two and a half week study abroad program in China. Course work will focus on Global Supply Chain and Outsourcing (undergraduate/graduate) and is taught by Dr. Haibo Wang, Associate Professor. While in China, students will have a combination of lectures and field excursions to enhance their understanding of global supply chain in China. Field excursions include visits to the Hong Kong Science and Technology Development Center, Hong Kong Finance District, Shenzhen stock exchange, Agriculture Bank of China, Midea Group, Nissan and BMW factories, various universities and other interesting sites. Included in the program estimated cost of $4,400 are all scheduled program activities, housing, meals, transportation, admission fees and guide fee.  Program Flyer

2014-15 Itinerary*



Detail Program information

Day 1

Hong Kong

Visit HK Stock Exchange, meet with professors and students from Chinese University of HK

Day 2

Hong Kong and Shenzhen

Visit HK Science and Technology Development Center,

Research seminar by Dr. Haibo Wang on outsourcing innovation at SZU

Day 3



Visit ShenZhen Stock Exchange and interview the VP of International relation in SSE, Ms. Yin Wu, presentation is given by the SZSE.

Visit Midea Group and interview the president of Midea group, Dr. Fengtao Zhu and CFO, Mr. Yi Wang, presentation is given by the Midea on R&D.

Day 4


Group discussion with MBA/IMBA/EMBA students at Shenzhen University

Visit Shenzhen Airline Headquarter and Agriculture Bank of China(new program)

Day 5


Visit the China Gold Coin and Mint Corp in Zhengzhou(new program)

Day 6


Group discussion with the MBA students at Zhongyuan University of Technology(new program)

Visit Fox-Conn Corp (The major supplier for Apple products such as iphone, ipad and imac) (new program)

Day 7


Visit the Nissan and BMW factories in Zhengzhou(new program)

Tour the 5000 years old capital in ancient China(new program)

Day 8


Visit the Yellow River Management Institute on Supply Chain in Kaifeng (capital of 7 dynasties in ancient China) (new program)

Tour the 5000 years old capital in Ancient China(new program)

Day 9


Visit the Luoyang Heavy Machinery Corp (Major exporter of heavy machinery in Asian) (new program)

Tour the Mountain of Budda and the Shaolin Temple (the birthplace of Chinese KongFu) (new program)

Day 10


Take high speed train to Xian

Meet with MBA/IMBA students at XiAn Jiaotong University (top business school in China and AACSB accredited)

Day 11


Visit Science and Technology Park in XiAn(new program)

Tour the world famous TerraCotta Warriors and Horse Museum

Day 12



Visit Central University of Economic and Finance and group discussion with MBA/IMBA students

Day 13


Visit Chinese Academy of Science

Visit Peking University and Group discussion with graduate students at Peking University

Day 14


Visit CCTV and Xinhua News (new program)

Visit Economic Development Center (new program)

Day 15


Tour Temple of Heaven and Tiananmen Squares

Day 16


Tour Great Wall and Forbidden City

Day 17


Leave Beijing and back to US



Students will stay in hotels.

Program Cost

The estimated program cost is $4,400. This excludes the roundtrip airfare to China, visa fees and TAMIU tuition/fees.

Timetable for Applications and Payment

October 1: Application and $200 non-refundable application fee are due

October 1: Submit Payment Agreement

November 1: Program must be paid in full.

November 20: Mandatory Orientation: Travel, travel documents, culture, health and safety, and generic tips.

Note: The student is responsible for any charges not included in the program cost paid on his/her behalf.

Application Process

Study Abroad Scholarships

TAMIU offers two study abroad scholarships. Qualified TAMIU students may submit their application and supporting documents to IE. You will be notified via email of your award and the award disbursement date.

Course InformationScholarships

All students are required to enroll in:
If graduate student - BA 5399: Global Supply Chain and Outsourcing
If undergraduate student – MGT 4399: Global Supply Chain and Outsourcing

Note: Program courses subject to change

Program Requirements

Students must be approved by Dr. Wang for acceptance into the program.


Withdrawal from a study abroad program must be communicated by submitting the Study Abroad Withdrawal Form . The application fee of $200 is non-refundable, unless TAMIU cancels the program. TAMIU will refund recoverable tuition and costs as determined by IE. Refunds will be calculated from the date IE is notified in writing of your intent to withdraw based on the program payment schedule. TAMIU is not responsible for indirect costs paid directly by students, including but not limited to passport fees, vaccinations, and transportation costs.

*TAMIU reserves the right to make changes to this itinerary as deemed appropriate by the program leader due to unforeseen circumstances. However, every effort will be made to adhere to the itinerary as closely as possible.
**TAMIU reserves the right to adjust program fees or cancel any program without prior notification; however, every effort will be made to provide information on cancellations in a timely manner. In the event TAMIU cancels the program, TAMIU will refund application fees and recoverable program fees.