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If you can't wait and have a burning desire to attend one of these seminar series offerings from our library (see list below) or one of the offerings listed above before it's scheduled presentation date, please contact grants@tamiu.edu to make arrangements for a screening.  Not seeing what you are looking for, let us know what you'd like to learn more about!!! Webinars in our library that are on CD may be "checked out"by faculty and listened to in your office.  Students may make arrangements to listen to them at our office.

General Grant Writing Webinars
1.  Persuasive Writing for Scientists and Clinicians:  The Basics and Beyond
2.  How to Promote and Sustain Your Research Using the Elevator Speech
3.  Can we talk?  Contacting Grant Program Officers
4.  The Do's and Don'ts of Cost Sharing 
5.  Grant Budget Development
6.  Writing Excellent Grant Proposals

7.  Academic Research Enhancement Award (AREA R15) Grants
8.  NIH Institutional Support: Use Your Environmental Section to Convince Reviewers
9.  Data Management Plans for Successful NIH and NSF Grants  
10.  Revising and Resubmitting Rejected NIH Proposals:What You Should Know Before You Try Again
11. Demystifying U.S. Department of Education Funding
12. NSF Criteria:  Successfully Communicating Broader Impacts
13. Early-concept Grants for Exploratory Research (EAGER) at NSF

Foundation Grant Hunting
14. Mining for Gold:  Acquire and Retain Foundation Funding
15. Successfully Tapping Unusual Sources of Research Funding 
16. The Quest for Foundation & Private Funding: 3 Key Strategies Every PI Should Know 
17. How to Expand Your Research Funding Niche in a Tough Economy

Internal funding
18. TAMIU Intramural Grants Programs

Compliance and Lab Management
19. IRB Boards and Qualitative Research: Insider Guidance for IRB Forms, Informed Consent
20. Secrets to Building a Stellar Research Program
21. How to Build an Effective Lab Team Communication Environment
22. Beyond the Graduate Student, Teaching Undergraduates Through Research
23. NSF/NIH RCR Training Requirements

On-line recorded grant writing workshops

YouTube - search for NCURA and there are multiple short presentations on a variety of grant writing, compliance and grant application topics