The Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) supports and provides services for faculty and staff in securing external funds from public and private agencies. Emphasis is placed on securing funds to achieve the University’s priorities. The office supports the contract and grant writing activities of the faculty and staff through all stages of the project – from the initial planning through project completion.

The Office of Research and Sponsored Projects is responsible for the authorization, approval, and submission of University proposals for external support for research and most sponsored projects. We provide assistance to those submitting sponsored project applications for funding from city, state and federal sources; however, for help with non-research funding from private sources, please contact Office of Institutional Advancement, either the Director of Development or the Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations at 956-326-4483.

The ORSP staff:

  • Identifies and disseminates information about potential funding sources for research and institutional programs;
  • Assists in the development of proposals including budgets and regulatory requirements;
  • Provides programmatic oversight of currently funded projects; monitors research compliance
  • Acts as the liaison between the University and various state, federal and private agencies;
  • Facilitates cooperation with interdisciplinary research and scholarly activities;
  • Helps Principal Investigators abide by the Texas A&M University System policies; and
  • Guides Principal Investigators through the TAMIU procedures relating to research and other sponsored projects.

Left to Right: Celeste Kidd, John Kilburn, Zoila Franco-Hinojosa, Anne Frey, Cynthia Urteaga, Kenneth Tobin, and Lisa Salazar

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The ORSP works collaboratively with the Office of Grants and Contractsstaff located in Killam Library, Room 328, to ensure proper budget preparation. The Office of Grants and Contracts staff is responsible for providing financial support services for grants and contracts to faculty and staff from the proposal preparation stage through the completion of the project. The Grants and Contracts support services include the following:

  • Grant Approval Budget Review - Examines the proposal budget prior to submission
  • Establishment of Grant Accounts - Establishes account for project after University accepts funding
  • Monitoring of Grant Expenditures - Reviews purchases made to the project
  • Database of Budget Information - Establishes and maintains database of information related to the budget
  • Project Fiscal Reports - Works with the Principal Investigator/Project Director to provide fiscal reports

Office of Grants and Contracts




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