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General Information (2021)
Facilities/Equipment (contact ORSP for most recent list)
TAMIU Organizational Chart
TAMIU Honors Program


Institutional statistics

For institution statistics boilerplate, please contact ORSP.
TAMIU information from National Center for Education Statistics
TAMIU Office of Institutional Research - if information you need for your proposal is not on this link, contact ORSP


National statistics and information

Understanding interventions that encourage minorities to pursue research (summary of a 2008 conference, DePass and Chubin editors) - see pg 27, great study about minorities in MARC & RISE programs vs matched students not in one of these programs, this is the journal publication about that study.

Expanding Underrepresented Minority Participation (National Academy of Sciences 2010)
Texas and USA Patterns/Future Trends Affecting Education, Labor Force and Economic Development (Steve Murdock, 10/2010)
U.S Census data
U.S. Census data - analysis and tools by sociologist John Logan
National Center for Education Statistics
Labor statistics
Research.gov - central location for federal research information
WebCaspar - NSF statistics resources for science and engineering


Regional statistics and information

Texas Education Agency
Laredo and Texas information - contact ORSP for latest information


Proposal development guidance and assistance

Grant readers - are a willing pair of eyes to read your grant.  Even if it is only partly done (ie. have someone start reading the introduction, as you finish writing the rest of it), get someone else to read your grant before submitting it can be extremely helpful.  Different readers will catch different issues with your grant, which will only strengthen your application.  Anything that is caught by people reading your grant here at TAMIU is one less thing for a reviewer to use to sort your grant into the "do not fund" pile.  If you want another pair of eyes to read your grant, simply contact our office for assistance finding a grant reader(s).


Research Compliance

Responsible Conduct of Research 

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)




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