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The University Research Council (URC) enhances and monitors academic research activities at the University, including research administration, program oversight, and program evaluation.

MEMBERSHIP: One faculty representative from each college (two from COAS) appointed by the dean, plus directors of the University’s research centers, the chair of the Institutional Review Board, chair of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, chair of the Biosafety Committee, a representative from the Office of Grants and Contracts, a representative from the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects, a representative from the Faculty Senate, a representative from the library, and the past two University Scholars of the Year.  The University Research Council is Chaired by the Associate Vice President for Research and Sponsored Projects.

For all of the TAMIU grants, the full proposal must be submitted by electronic copy to grants@tamiu.edu in Microsoft Word and one (1) unbound hard copy of the proposal delivered to the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (KL 326) by 5:00 PM on October 1, 2019.  Both documents must be received by 5:00 P.M. on the deadline date to be considered submitted in time.  No exceptions!

Eligible applicants for all 4 of these intramural grants are tenure-track, fixed-term or tenured faculty only.

Signatures by chair and dean are required if you are requesting a full-time student, as graduate students come out of the department and college allotments.

Signature by chair is required if requesting summer salary.


There will be an informational seminar on the intramural grant programs on September 3rd, 12:00-1:00, KL420.  If unable to attend, email questions to grants@tamiu.edu

University Travel Grant Application

University Creative Project Grant Application

University Research Grant Application

University Research Development Award Application

 Timeline examples and templates


URDA, URG, or UCPG Extension Progress Report  

URDA, URG, or UCPG Final Report

UTG Final Report




Dr. Jennifer Coronado - IRB Chair

John Dean - 2019 Scholar of the Year

Dr. Roberto Heredia - IACUC Chair

Dr. Yu-Mei Huang - COAS

Dr. Tonya Huber - COED

Dr. Michael Kidd - Biosafety Chair

Dr. John Kilburn - Associate VP for Research and Sponsored Projects, URC Chair

Dr. Runchang Lin - COAS

Dr. Lola Norris, Faculty Senate President

Dr. Abhijit Patwardhan - SSB

Miguel Saucedo - CNHS

Dr. Ken Tobin - Research Center  

Dr. Marivic Torregosa - 2018 Scholar of the Year

Mr. Rogelio Hinojosa - Library

Mr. Juan Cisneros - Dir. of Grants & Contracts (ex-officio)



University Research Council Minutes






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