Dr. A. Hazelton

Andrew J. Hazelton, Ph.D
Interim Director, University Honors Program
and Assistant Professor of History

“Welcome to the University Honors Program at TAMIU. Since 2000, the Program has provided TAMIU’s strongest students with opportunities to pursue undergraduate research projects and develop their critical thinking skills. The Honors Program encourages students in all majors to go beyond regular coursework by closely collaborating with faculty on honors contracts, leading to valuable mentoring and professional development experiences. The Program also invests in its students through three Honors scholarship programs. After TAMIU, Honors graduates go on to study for advanced degrees or pursue rewarding careers in a wide variety of fields. Contact us today if you are interested in joining the community of scholars that is the TAMIU University Honors Program.”

Mission Statement

The TAMIU University Honors Program (UHP) seeks to foster the academic development of A&M International’s most talented undergraduate students. The University Honors Program provides the opportunity for seminar-style learning and critical thinking through designated core courses and contracts with professors in the student’s major field of study.The program offers two options for students: the Honors Diploma and the Honors Certificate. Both the Honors Certificate and the Honors Diploma offer high-quality instruction and the chance to develop intellectual leadership.

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Dr. Andrew J. Hazelton
KL 415
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Staff Assistant:

Ms. Juliana Medrano
KL 415
Phone: (956) 326.2133
Email: juliana.medrano@tamiu.edu


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