Admission Qualifications

Any full-time (12 SCH per long semester) student attending TAMIU is eligible to apply for acceptance to the UHP at any time during his/her academic career so long as he/she has at least three full-time long semesters of coursework left before graduation.  The basic requirements for admission to the program are as follows:

  • Students with fewer than 12 SCH of college or university coursework: rank in the top 5% of high school graduating class and/or 1200 (out of 1600) on SAT and/or 24 (out of 36) on ACT, AND a minimum cumulative average of 3.25 on any college coursework.
  • Students with 12 or more SCH of college or university coursework: minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 (Note: does not include CLEP or AP credits).
  • Transfer students from Laredo Community College: minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 while at LCC.


Please note that all students who are offered D.D. Hachar Honors Scholars Program scholarships are automatically accepted into the UHP.  All D.D. Hachar Honors scholarship recipients are held accountable to the academic requirements for membership in the UHP, as the UHP is the program through which the academic Honors program is administered at TAMIU.  Additional requirements do apply in some cases to D.D. Hachar Honors Scholars.


Options of the University Honors Program

University Honors Diploma: Requires a minimum of 36 SCH of Honors work.   At least 12 SCH must be in courses designated as “Honors standalone” courses (at least 24 SCH must be in courses contracted for Honors credit), and students will be encouraged to do their contract work in their major field.  In addition, a senior Honors Thesis is required in the major field, which be presented to a committee of the University faculty just prior to the student’s graduation. 

Honors Certificate: The Honors certificate is designed for students who enter the UHP during their junior year with three or four semesters left until graduation. Honors Certificate students have two options:

  • Honors Certificate with the Honors Thesis, which requires a minimum of 15 SCH of Honors coursework plus the thesis.
  • Honors Certificate without the Honors Thesis, which requires a minimum of 21 SCH of Honors coursework.

No more than 6 SCH in either track may be at the lower-division level (1000-2000).  Students will be encouraged to pursue honors contracts for courses in their major field. 

 Requirements to Maintain Enrollment in the University Honors Program

GPA requirements: In order to maintain enrollment in the UHP, students must earn at least a 3.0 GPA per semester through 59 SCH and at least a 3.25 GPA per semester beyond 60 SCH.  Students must keep an overall cumulative GPA of 3.25 and have a cumulative GPA of 3.25 at the time of graduation to receive the Honors Certificate or Honors Diploma. 

Semester Credit Hour requirements (SCH):  Students must complete at least 30 SCH per academic year (fall, spring, and summer), with at least 12 SCH enrollment per long semester (i.e., full-time enrollment in fall and spring semesters).  D.D. Hachar Honors Scholars are required to maintain 15 SCH and two Honors standalone/contract courses per long semester to maintain their scholarship requirements.

Leadership and Community Engagement: Community service is an essential component to all students's academic experience. UHP members are required to complete 15 hours or 25 hours if awarded scholarship of community service during each Fall/Spring semester. 






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