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The TAMIU Trailblazers program is a co-curricular leadership initiative that allows students to Go Beyond the classroom. It is free and open to all Dustdevils. No application is required.

Available engagement opportunities include conferences, workshops, organizations, leadership roles, and the list goes on. All 150+ items are offered within five learning dimensions: Career Development, Civic Leadership, Global Perspective, Health & Wellness and Personal Enrichment.

Each learning dimension is divided into three levels: Exploring Stage, Engagement Stage and the Leadership Stage. Successful completion of a learning dimension includes:

Completing three (3) items in the Exploring Stage

Completing two (2) items in the Engagement Stage

Completing one (1) item in the Excel Stage

You may track your progress using the Presence (Modern CampusLabs) platform. Items may be completed through self-reporting, event attendance records, and membership within organizations.

Get Started!

Upon completing the 3 stages of a learning dimension (6 experiences), you will earn a patch for graduation. Students who complete all five learning dimensions will earn an additional patch and pin.


We have made brief  on how to submit your experiences and track your progress. Take a look!

Completing Reflections & Submitting Experiences

There are hundreds of in-person and virtual ways to create your unique TAMIU experience. To view a full list, simply login to Presence, click on 

Discover all the opportunities

Each Dustdevil’s journey is unique. We recommend planning your engagement on campus as soon as you can—especially since most items at the leadership stage require at least a semester commitment.

We are so glad you asked. Think about it as an initiative that creates sustainable social or environmental change.

Take the Next Step

Each semester, we email graduating students instructions for picking up their Trailblazers patch(es). Simply make sure to apply for graduating in a timely manner to ensure you stay in the loop.

Am I ready to pick up my patch(es)?

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