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How will you lead? The Office of Student Orientation, Leadership and Engagement is happy to offer countless opportunities for students to explore their leadership potential. Leadership experiences not only provide you with a great addition to your resume but also help you prepare for life after TAMIU. Whether your passion is working in teams, impacting positive change or developing your personal strengths, we have a program from you!

Scroll down to learn more about the many programs we offer or visit us, in Student Center 224, to learn more about the program that will best fit your needs.

Freshmen Leadership Organization

Freshman Leadership Organization

The Freshman Leadership Organization (FLO) provides a first-time freshman the opportunity to learn the basic leadership practices and how to apply them to their college studies. The program is designed in a lecture/discussion format and includes engaging activities throughout the year. The program helps students take an introspective glimpse at their own abilities and guides them to build upon their strengths and weaknesses in order to be an effective student leader at the University and within their community.

Students interested in being a part of FLO are expected to have attended New Student Orientation: Dusty Camp and be available to meet on a periodic basis to discuss involvement opportunities and develop leadership skills. Students must apply for this program and be selected to participate. More information can be found by clicking here.

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Sophomore Leaders Involved in Change

The Sophomore Leaders Involved in Change (SLIiC) Program is a service-learning leadership experience specifically designed to provide sophomores with an opportunity to put basic leadership principals to practice. Students will focus on the social change model of leadership development to design and implement projects intended to assist the region, but are capable of producing larger scale projects that can be emulated in other communities. 

The program is two semesters in length (fall-spring) and is intended for students seeking to make the positive change in their community and the world. The program will culminate in the completion of a social change project.

Students in this program are expected to attend scheduled meetings in order to successfully complete the program. To apply and learn more about the program please click here.

Leadership TAMIU

Leadership TAMIU

Leadership TAMIU provides an opportunity for juniors and seniors to explore their leadership capacities and prepare for life after TAMIU. The program includes regular class meetings and also keynote speakers from TAMIU, Laredo and around the world! Students enrolled in Leadership TAMIU will graduate from the program with a greater understanding of their personal strengths and abilities to work in team environments. To learn more or apply for Leadership TAMIU, please visit the groups page on Trailblazers.

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SOLE Summit

The annual SOLE Summit is held at the beginning of each fall semester. This one-day conference style event that helps student leaders and student organizations kick-off the new academic year. Here, students take part in workshops regarding organization management, leadership skills, team building and financial planning. The event is free of charge, but registration is required. To reserve your spot, please visit Trailblazers.

International Leadership Series

The International Leadership Series (formerly SOLE Series) is a monthly leadership workshop open to the TAMIU Community. Each session is unique and a different topic is offered every month. Past workshops have included: 

Cultural Competency

Leadership Through Cultural Diversity

Global Leadership for Sustainability and Peace

Emotional Intelligence

Stories of Service

LEADing Change 

The Secret of Teams 

No registration is required and each event is open too all TAMIU students, faculty and staff. A list of upcoming dates can be found on the SOLE Traiblazers page.



The International Leadership Certificate and Minor offers TAMIU students the opportunity to complete a multidisciplinary academic program that combines leadership theory and practice. Highlights of the program include annual study abroad program(s) and service learning courses. To learn more, visit the International Leadership website.

Safe Zone

Safe Zone

Safe Zone Workshops are opportunities for educators, staff, community members, and even students to become more aware of the concerns that face the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer or Questioning (LGBTQ) communities.  The goal of a Safe Zone program is to educate attendees on important topics that will assist them in navigating conversations related to sexuality, gender, and identity while creating allies to LGBTQ community. 

Workshops are held on a regular basis and can be formatted to fit any team. General workshops are scheduled on a monthly basis for both students and faculty/staff at TAMIU.

To learn more or register for a workshop, visit the Safe Zone on Traiblazers.

orientation leaders

Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders (OLs) are exemplary Dustdevils that help welcome students to the TAMIU Community.OLs will interact with new students, assist with orientation operations, provide campus tours, answer questions, and develop new ideas for Dusty Camp: Freshman Student Orientation and The Dustdevil Transition: Transfer Student Orientation. OLs are also responsible for providing the historical background of TAMIU through campus tours, answering University-related questions, and implementing unique ideas for each orientation program. OLs are expected to possess excellent communication and leadership skills, as well as promoting enthusiasm, creativity, and integrity in all they do.

Being an Orientation Leader will provide students with a valuable opportunity to gain leadership experience and develop the necessary skills to give back to the community. The program is composed of numerous training/leadership sessions and activities throughout the spring and summer months. To apply and view the qualifications to become an Orientation Leader, please visit their page on Trailblazers here.

TAMIU Trailblazers

TAMIU Traiblazers

TAMIU Trailblazers enables TAMIU students to access co-curricular programs that compliment what a student is learning in the classroom. Engagement in the TAMIU Trailblazers program assists students in being more prepared for the ever-changing global market and become more competitive in the world of work and graduate studies.  While housing our student organization function, Traiblazers allows you to complete paths for you to be successful.

TAMIU Trailblazers is divided into five learning dimensions: Career Development, Civic Leadership, Global Perspective, Health & Wellness and Personal Enrichment. Each of the dimensions has three levels of engagement: Entering Stage, Engagement Stage and the Leadership Stage. The curriculum works as a guide to direct students along the path of student success. A student’s progress through the stages is tracked and displayed on a personal progress screen that can then be printed on behalf of the University as a Co-Curricular Transcript. Students who complete the entire curriculum will receive recognition for their achievement upon graduation from TAMIU. To learn more, visit TAMIU Trailblazers, sign in and look at your Trailblazers Path. 

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