SOLE Talks

Students engaging in SOLE Talks

SOLE Talks is a pop-up brown bag lunch series where attendees share their lunch time together.

The purpose of this series is to touch on leadership topics, meet new people, and do something out of the ordinary.

Attendees show up with their own lunch and engage in conversations that will ultimately teach basic leadership!

This program is the best way to start getting involved at TAMIU if you are a new student!


SOLE Talks counts towards Trailblazers credit under the Personal Enrichment dimension, come join us, we may have FREE lunch or special giveaways during the sessions!

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2020-2021 SOLE Talks Calendar of Events







Tuesday, September 15 2020



ZSC Lounge

Women in Politics, The Impact of Jessica Cisneros in our Community.

Empowerment towards political activism in our community.

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Wednesday, October 14 2020



STC Patio

Why Do We Complain? (Even After Getting What We Want)

Breast cancer awareness serving as a lesson on resilience.

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Thursday, November 19 2020



STC Rotunda

Meet Marvel’s Miss America!: The Story of a Queer Latina Superhero

Empathy towards the transgender community.

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Monday, February 8 2021


Career Cafe (STC 114)

Think of College as Your Own Superbowl.

Decisiveness towards achieving the goal of getting your degree.

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Tuesday, March 16 2021


SOLE (STC 224)

A Year Ago, When Technology Made Us Even Better Leaders

Technology savviness in use for increased leadership for students + resources on self-management.

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Wednesday, April 14 2021


Leadership Lab (STC 227)

Swipe Left on Sexual Assault

Call to action in the prevention and awareness of sexual assault.

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The SOLE Talks show 


What best way to #StayConnected that having our very own talk show!
Welcome to The SOLE Talks Show with Ferch, a new format that will bring a piece of TAMIU directly to your home.
Watch our episodes right here! We have special guests,  interesting topics to talk about, and surprises!
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E-mail: sole@tamiu.edu