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Annually, as new chapter officers are selected, each fraternity, sorority and society must complete the registration process in order to continue as an active chapter. This process can be found on The Leader. Each semester dates will be announced for registration.

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Greek Life:


Active- A person who has been initiated into lifelong membership in a Greek organization; Some groups distinguish between Active and Inactive members.

Advisor- An individual who establishes and maintains a close advisory relationship with a chapter and serves as a teacher, counselor and mentor

Alumna- A graduated member of a Women’s sorority/fraternity (plural is alumnae).

Alumnus- a graduated member of a Men’s fraternity (plural is alumni)

Badge (pin) - the insignia that designates your Greek organization worn by an initiated member. Traditionally, new members will receive a new member pin.

Big Brother/Sister- An active member assigned to be the personal mentor for a new member

Brother/Sister- a term used when referring to other members of a Fraternity or Sorority

Crossed- the actual date of initiation into a cultural Greek organization

Greek Council (GC) - the governing body for Greek life at TAMIU

Colony- a newly formed affiliate of a national organization that has not yet received its charter

Depledge- the process of terminating one’s membership before initiation

Dues- Fees paid to the fraternity or sorority you are affiliated with.

Greek Life- recognized social fraternities, sororities and societies at TAMIU in which members may be referred to as Greeks.

Hazing- mental or physical abuse or harassment of a member, hazing is prohibited by university policy, state law, and the policies of national fraternities and sororities

Informal Recruitment- During fall semester, a less formal recruitment period where potential new members can attend events and learn about each sorority and may receive a bid at the end

Initiation- traditional, secret ritual that brings the new member into full membership

Legacy- a prospective member or potential new member who has a family member in the same fraternity or sorority

Letters- used in the context of Greek Life, it usually refers to an article of clothing with the Greek letters of one’s Greek Organization

New Member- a potential member, who has accepted a bid from a fraternity or sorority, may also be referred to as an “associate.”

New Member Education Process- time period in which new members/associates learn about the organization and participate in brotherhood/sisterhood activities

Philanthropy- a community service and/or fundraising project sponsored by a chapter

Probate- a stepping routine put on by the new members of an organization to signify their accomplishments

Recruitment- refers to the process by which chapters select new members

Ritual- the traditional ceremonies of a chapter, which are usually secret