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The TAMIU Student Government Association has created Committees, Departments, and Councils to best represent the needs and wants of our students regardless of the nature of the request. Take a look at our different efforts to have more inclusive TAMIU, for you!

Because Service is one of our Core Values, we have created the L.O.V.E. Committee, a service-based committee whose purpose is to plan, organize, and execute volunteer service events. For more information please contact Chair Bianay Ramirez at bfrancis_ramirez@dusty.tamiu.edu


The Big Event         Make a Difference Day 



What is our University without its traditions? The SGA Traditions Committee creates and continues established traditions on campus. Some of our Student Government Association traditions include:

  • Haunted House
  • Shopping Cart Parade and Decorating Party
  • Dusty Cup
  • Maroon Monday


SGA Traditions SGA Traditions SGA Traditions


For more information please contact Chair Bryana Duck at bryanaduck@dusty.tamiu.edu

"Democracy works best when the American electorate is engaged and informed."- Melissa Bean, U.S. Representative

The Political Action Committee brings awareness to the Student Body of state, federal, and local elections or political information. Some of our events include:

  • Candidates’ Day or Week
  • National Voter Registration Day
  • Constitution Day
  • Census Day.




For more information please contact Chair Fernanda Nunez-Cazarez at

This brand-new committee was established by current Student Body President Rodriguez through Executive Order 2020-1. The Diversity and Inclusivity Committee goal is to celebrate and embrace the different cultures in our University Community while bringing awareness to the less known communities on campus.

Stop The Hate

Stop the Hate Pledge


For more information please contact Chair Emilia Trevino at emiliatrevino@dusty.tamiu.edu

The Finance Department seeks to maximize the impact of SGA through the disbursement of the SGA Annual Allocation. The Department also oversees the reallocation process of those funds to student initiatives and ensures that money is being spent responsibly.


SGA Grant SGA Grant SGA Grant


For more information please contact Chair Rogelio Garcia at joserogelio_garcia@dusty.tamiu.edu

The Public Relations goal is to promote and publicize the Student Government Association and its activities. With events 

such as the SGA Promo Week and Spring Ball, and through social media interaction, this Department maintains an effective communication with the Student Body and the University Community.




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For more information please contact Chair Maria Mendoza at maria_mendozaalva@dusty.tamiu.edu

If you are a first-time freshmen interested in representing and addressing your class needs and wants, the Freshmen Representative Council (FRC) is just for you. This council is designed to help Freshmen representatives transition into the Student Government Association. The Directors of the FRC will work with you and help develop your leadership skills so you can become an outstanding University Representative and a better leader.


SGA Freshman Rep. Council SGA Freshman Rep. Council SGA Freshman Rep. Council


For more information please contact Directors Jorge Espinoza and Rebeca Reyes at jorgeespinoza@dusty.tamiu.edu and rebecareyes@dusty.tamiu.edu