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The Office of Student Conduct and Community Engagement would like you to participate in our annual events. 

Make A Difference Day



What is Make a Difference?

Make a Difference is the largest single-day of volunteering in the country. On the fourth Saturday of October, millions of volunteers around the world unite in a common mission to improve the lives of others. Make A Difference Day is a day to celebrate the power of people to make a difference.


 In 2010, Texas A&M International University established its first Make a Difference event. Over 150 students gathered to serve the Laredo-Webb community to make a difference. Today, Make a Difference is a TAMIU student tradition. To learn more about our past service projects, click on the link below.

2018 - Make a Difference at Paso Del Indio Nature Trail

2017 - Make a Difference at the Azteca Neighborhood

2016 - Make a Difference at City of Laredo Animal Care Facility

2015 - Make a Difference at Volunteer Serving the Need

2014 - Make a Difference at Ruthe B. Cowl Rehabilitation Center

2013 - Make a Difference at TAMIU

2012 - Make a Difference at Paso Del Indio Nature Trail

2011 - Make a Difference at Father McNaboe Park Cleanup (Keep Laredo Beautiful) and Habitat for Humanities

2010 - Make a Difference at Habitat for Humanities


The Big Event


The Big Event 2019 logo


What is the Big Event?

The Big Event is the largest one-day service project led by TAMIU students. Every spring, over 350 students come together to show their appreciation to the Laredo community by completing services projects such as painting, yard work, and trash pick up in a compressed four-hour service schedule. 

Volunteer registration for The Big Event 2019 is now open!  2019 is a historic year for The Big Event at TAMIU, as it will mark our 10 Year Anniversary.  This year's partner is Ruthe B. Cowl Rehabiliation Center.


In 2009, students at Texas A&M International University participated in this great service initiative. Since then, students have adopted The Big Event as a student tradition.To learn more about our past service projects, click on the link below.

2018 - The Big Event at the Santo Nino Neighborhood 

2017 - The Big Event at the Laredo Housing Authority 

2016 - The Big Event at City of Laredo Districts II & III

2015 - The Big Event at the South Texas Food Bank

2014 -  The Big Event at the South Texas Bood Bank  

2013 - The Big Event at the Volunteers Serving the Need (VSTN)

2012 - The Big Event at the Eistetter Park

2011 - The Big Event at the Slaughter Park

2010 - The Big Event at TAMIU

2009 - The Big Event at TAMIU


 Related Institutional Goals/Principles


Imperative 1: Students 1.2 Increase enrollment, retention, and graduation rates.
1.3 Prepare students for successful leadership roles.
  1.4 Engage students in activities that enrich their lives.
  1.5 Provide programs and services that support established student outcomes.
Undergraduate Learning Principle 1: Respective and Expressive Communication Skills
Undergraduate Learning Principle 3: Integration and Application of Knowledge
TAMIU Trailblazers: Civic Leadership (Engagement Stage)