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"On my honor, as a member of the TAMIU community, I pledge to uphold the values of RESPECT, INTEGRITY, SERVICE, and EXCELLENCE throughout my academic and professional career."


Our Mission

The mission of Student Conduct and Community Engagement (SCCE) is to promote a responsible and ethical community of respect, integrity, service and excellence (R.I.S.E) by educating and balancing the needs of individual students with those of the community, striving to hold students accountable for their individual actions and to treat students with fairness and understanding based on a holistic approach to learning in a global society.

Our Vision

To be a leading entity in student development and educating students in social responsibility while working through diverse collaboration to benefit communities of the region, state, nation, and world.

Value Statement

SCCE is a proactive entity that plays a critical role in the increase of co-curriculum programming, student leadership and development, community engagement and volunteer placement, while promoting innovative decision-making and problem-solving approaches to reduce risky behavior.

CORE Values-R.I.s.e.


Represents a Dustdevil's chance to imagine, dream, and live an educational experience outside the TAMIU campus.    


Signifies the importance of student involvement and its impact on a successful academic and professional career. 


Represents a Dustdevil's willingness to reach out to the community and lend a helping hand.



Represents the student programs aimed at enhancing the education received at TAMIU.



The TAMIU Student Handbook, which contains a description of the rights and responsibilities of all students at this institution, is posted on this website for quick reference and easy access to students, faculty, and staff.


StudentHandbook cover 2017-2018

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Office of Student Conduct and Community Engagement

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