Have a pod?
Texas A&M International University has a podcast just for you!

In an effort to provide the Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) community with an additional news and information source, TAMIU now offers iTAMIU Podcasts.

Podcasting is free audio programming that listeners download onto an iPod or other MP3 player from a designated Internet site or by using an application such as Apple’s iTunes. The files are stored on the player for the individual’s listening at any time. Information about the file and links to the programming source are embedded and available by Internet.

iTAMIU Podcasts include on-campus musical performances, special lectures or speeches and events coverage.

In addition, iTAMIU News, initiated in January of 2006, provides a weekly podcast of news and campus life insights.

Enjoy regular iTAMIU Podcasts programming on your desktop or MP3 Player by subscribing as detailed below in “How Do I Get Started?”

Here is a list of our current offerings.

Fall 2005 Distingushed Scholar
News, Information
& Events
POD or iTunes

How do I get started?

The basic requirements for podcasting are a computer, podcasting software (see below) and an Internet connection (the higher the speed, the better). To take your podcast with you, an iPod or any MP3 player is also needed.

To begin, download and install podcasting software onto your computer (PC or Mac). Though every application is different, there are generally directions to "add" or "subscribe to" a podcast feed (usually just as simple as copying and pasting the podcast URL, from the link "POD," from the list above into your podcasting application). In iTunes, version 4.9 and higher, the process for subscribing to podcasts and even downloading single podcast files is greatly simplified. Simply click on the link "iTunes" and it will launch the iTunes application, taking you straight to the podcast.

Once subscribed to a podcast, the next time you "Check for New Podcasts," an MP3 of your selected program will be on your computer, and if you're set up for it, on your iPod as well.

Software and News Aggregators to Receive Podcasts

In order to listen to podcasts you will need to install a podcasting application. There are an increasing amount of software applications being designed specifically for receiving podcasts. Below you'll find a growing list of these applications.

Articles & Resources

  • iTunes for PC and Mac
    iTunes enables anyone to quickly and easily find and subscribe to their favorite Podcasts so that every time there's a new episode, it's automatically downloaded to their Mac® or PC and Auto-Synced to their iPod.
  • RSS Radio
    According to the website: "RSSRadio is an easy to use Podcast client (iPodder) for Windows."
  • Primetime Podcast Receiver
    Primetime Podcast Receiver will receive your podcasts according to a schedule you create and includes a built-in media player. Donation supported.
  • iPodder - The Original Podcast Receiver
    iPodder is small program that runs on your computer. It's only purpose is to download audio files, usually mp3's, directly to your mp3 device. Currently iPod is supported on both Windows and Mac.
  • Wikipedia's List of News Aggregators
    From Wikipedia: "A news aggregator is a piece of software or a remotely hosted service that periodically reads a set of news sources, in one of several XML-based formats (RSS or Atom), finds the new bits, and displays them on a single page. There are primarily three types: Desktop news aggregators, Online news aggregators and Server-side aggregators."