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Safe Zone Workshops are opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to become more aware of the concerns that face the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer or Questioning (LGBTQ) community.  The goal of a Safe Zone program is to educate attendees on important topics that will assist them in navigating conversations related to sexuality, gender and identity, while creating allies to LGBTQ community. 

Workshops are held monthly and can be formatted to fit any team. At its launch in Fall 2014, the Safe Zone Workshop has been offered to faculty and staff at TAMIU. Since the Spring of 2015, students and student organizations at TAMIU have engaged in Safe Zone Workshops.


Stay tune for the 2021-2022 Workshop Dates! 

2020-21 Safe Zone Workshop Dates

Friday. February 28 2020

Tuesday, April 07 2020

Tuesday, September 15 2020

Friday, October 29 2020

Tuesday, February 02 2021 (2-5 P.M.)

Monday, March 08 2021 (2-5 P.M.)

Wednesday, October 14 2020

Thursday, February 11 2021 (3-5 P.M.)

To register for any date, please visit our Trailblazers Page.