Resolutions Week

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What is Resolutions Week?


Resolutions Week is a week of activities intended to assist students in fulfilling their resolutions for the new year. Individuals will only need to have an idea of what they would like to commit to this new year, so representatives from different university departments can help guide students on how to achieve their goals.


RW Students

Meet and keep personal goals. Students can get help meeting and keeping their goals with help from TAMIU. Different TAMIU departments will host events around campus that will share resourceful information and tips on how one can Get Fit, Stay Healthy, Create a plan, Prepare for the Future, Get Involved, and See the World, Study Abroad. 

Gain valuable resources. There are several resources throughout campus that many students are not aware of that can help students fulfill their resolutions. Every student will have access to learn about these available resources at each event table and session. 

Learn from professionals. On campus, faculty and professionals will host different university events and sessions that will inform and guide students on the importance of setting and maintaining their resolutions for the new year.