Minita Ramirez, Ph. D.
Vice President
Division of Student Success


Gina Gonzalez
Associate Vice President
Division of Student Success

Welcome to Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) and the Division of Student Success!

It's our proud mission to help you enjoy a seamless transition to TAMIU and your continued progress here. We're all committed to your success and our partnerships with your high school and our communities deepen our commitment to your educational achievement.

Simply put, our goal is to make sure you "Get what you want out of life!"

Here at TAMIU you'll have a true international experience as you learn and live on campus. You'll join over 6,400 students from across the nation and around the world. Equally diverse is our gifted faculty and dedicated staff.

Mission and Goals:

The Division of Student Success is dedicated to cultivating an environment of respect, integrity, service, and excellence. Through motivation, accessibility and support, we empower our diverse student population to develop their greatest potential that continues beyond graduation.

Goal 1: Increase enrollment of a diverse student population

Goal 2: Support student learning

Goal 3: Effective and innovative use of technology

Goal 4: Improve efficiency and customer service

Goal 5: Invest in staff success

Senator Judith Zaffirini Student Success Center:

The Zaffirini Success Center (ZSC) is a one stop shop model. Prospective and current students will be able to access needed services to apply for admission, take placement exams, register for classes, apply for financial aid, request transcripts, pay for classes, buy books, and obtain academic advising services all under one roof. The University Success Center is being made possible by State funding initiated by Senator Judith Zaffirini (D-Laredo) in the 2006 legislative session.

The ZSC is home to the following offices:


We're all proud of our nearly 80 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs that can only help you succeed and truly help you obtain you the life you want and deserve.

Working to that end, your Division of Student Success includes:

Again, we welcome you to TAMIU and pledge our total commitment to your success. Please stop by and visit and we'll discuss any special needs or concerns you might have.

I look forward to seeing you on campus!

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