TAMIUFlex & the Spring 2021 Plan

There’s some changes this Spring @ TAMIU. Whether you’re online
or F2F, we’re by your side. Ready, set… Let’s do this!

Spring 2021 Schedule

We have developed a staggered re-entry plan for students beginning January 25 through Saturday, Feb. 6. This plan, focused on maintaining the health and safety of our campus, is subject to change.

Updated: 01/21/2021

Office of the President

Dear University Community,

Texas A&M International University’s Spring Semester 2021 begins Monday, Jan. 25, 2021. We have developed a staggered re-entry plan for students beginning January 25 through Saturday, Feb. 6. This plan, focused on maintaining the health and safety of our campus,  is subject to change. Students should monitor their official TAMIU email accounts, Uconnect and the University’s website for updates.

The University’s expansive COVID-19 Compact for Students Returning to Campus is also online and notes that returning students need to complete a COVID-19 Training Video on Blackboard before returning to campus.

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Course delivery information is below.

TAMIUFlex Courses:

Students will attend class synchronously (livestreaming) off campus through Saturday, Feb. 6.  TAMIU faculty will teach synchronously from campus (office or classroom). Beginning Monday, Feb. 8, TAMIUFlex courses will be taught on the established schedule with the option of in-person or synchronous attendance.  Faculty will teach from classroom.

Dr. F. M. Canseco School of Nursing TAMIU Flex Courses:

Courses will be taught as scheduled beginning January 25 with in-person or synchronous attendance. TAMIU Nursing students, who participate in required clinical training as part of their program, will also complete required COVID-19 tests prior to beginning clinical experiences.

Lab/Performance Courses:

Students will take courses synchronously (livestream) off-campus through Friday, Jan. 30.  Students will take lab and performance courses on campus beginning Monday, Feb. 1  and thereafter.

TAMIU Online Classes:

Will be offered as scheduled with no changes to delivery throughout this plan. 

When coming to campus for resources or services, all members of the TAMIU community must continue to observe masking, social distancing and hand-washing requirements.  All University services will be available on campus or online. The University’s Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library will be open. The Rec Center will reopen Monday, Feb 8.

COVID-19 testing for faculty, on-campus residents and staff is available on campus. Student testing for non-campus residents  resumes Monday, Feb. 1.

TAMIU continues to coordinate its COVID-19 Response with the City of Laredo Health Department, Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS)  and The Texas A&M University System.  TAMIU has also been designated as a Vaccine Center and strictly follows DSHS guidelines for administering University community vaccinations.

Additional information on the University’s COVID-19 response is available from the online COVID-19 Resource Center.

Be Safe. Be Well.

Pablo Arenaz, Ph.D.




TAMIUFlex Courses

Starting Feb. 8

Courses taught on normal schedule with option of in-person or synchronous attendance. Faculty teach from classroom.

School of Nursing Flex Courses

Starting Jan. 25

Courses taught on normal schedule with in-person or synchronous attendance.

Lab/Performance Courses

Starting Feb. 1

Students take Lab/Performance courses on campus. Faculty teach from classroom.

Online Courses

Starting Jan. 25

Taught on Normal Schedule


Spring 2021 Course Formats

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, TAMIU has adapted to ensure the safety of all of our students, faculty and staff. Students, your instructors may add to these guidelines, but these are the minimum expectations you should have for all your courses, whether you attending virtually or in person.

All guidelines are provisional and could change as the situation demands. This information applies only to the Spring Semester 2021.


The Formats

This Spring we will offer three types of courses: TAMIUFlex, Face-to-Face, and Online. All lecture-based courses will be in the TAMIUFlex format.

Online vs. TAMIUFlex

While online courses are exclusively digital, instructors will teach TAMIUFlex courses in campus classrooms. Students are given the option of attending class in person, or watching the class meeting synchronously (live) via Blackboard.

All but a few TAMIUFlex classes will be in rooms capable of holding everyone with 6 feet of social distancing. For larger TAMIUFlex classes assigned to rooms not capable of holding everyone, the instructor may establish a rotation pattern to ensure everyone is able to attend a class meeting in person at least once a week.


Face-to-Face (FTF) classes requiring that you come to campus are limited to certain science labs, art studio classes, performance classes in music and dance, practicums, internships, and independent research classes.

Even these FTF classes will broadcast live and some class meetings may be conducted virtually, as determined by the instructor. All will be conducted in a safe manner to ensure social distancing, and all will require face-coverings.


Frequently Asked Questions

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, TAMIU has adapted to ensure the safety of all of our students, faculty and staff. Students, your instructors may add to these guidelines, but these are the minimum expectations you should have for all your courses, whether you attending virtually or in person.

All guidelines are provisional and could change as the situation demands. This information applies only to the Spring Semester 2021.

Health Operations: Observation, Prevention, and Sanitization Standards

Minus IconPlus IconWhat must I do before coming to campus?

All students and employees must complete a brief online training video from the Texas A&M University System before coming to campus for the first time. Login to Blackboard to complete the module.

This training must be completed before you will have access to any of your courses on Blackboard and before arriving on campus. Besides providing basic information about how to avoid getting COVID-19, the training details a “self-monitoring” requirement you’ll perform every day prior to coming to campus. If you exhibit any of the symptoms listed in the training, you must not come to campus. This applies to faculty, staff and students.

Minus IconPlus IconWill face-coverings be required?

Yes, absolutely. All students, faculty and staff are required to supply their own face-coverings and wear them over both their mouths and noses while on campus. The only exception for wearing is while in private offices alone or eating. Students who come to class without a face- covering will be asked to put one on or leave the classroom to view the class online. If they refuse, it becomes a safety issue and a conduct issue. The instructor is required to report the student to the Office of Student Conduct and will likely dismiss the entire class in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

Minus IconPlus IconWill social distancing be required?

Yes. All individuals – faculty, staff, and students – are expected to maintain a 6-foot distance from others while on campus.

Minus IconPlus IconWill my classroom be disinfected and my desktop sanitized?

Classrooms will be sanitized on a regular basis, but not between classes. Disinfectant wipes will be available in each classroom. We must all take personal responsibility for our own health and those around us, so use them to wipe down your personal space and materials you use. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the campus. Frequent and thorough hand washing is strongly recommended. You are also encouraged to bring your own hand sanitizer and use it frequently.

Minus IconPlus IconWill the University provide testing for COVID-19?

Yes, with limitations. The Texas A&M University System will be providing TAMIU with a limited number of COVID-19 tests each month. Details on who can be tested and when and where they can be tested will be shared by TAMIU email, Uconnect, and the COVID-19 Resource Center.

Classroom Operations: Attendance & Rotation

Minus IconPlus IconWho will determine the rotation pattern in large classes for on campus attendance?

We do not currently expect that we will need to have rotation patterns for the Spring Semester 2021. If this should change and a rotation for in-class attendance is necessary, sections will be labeled accordingly. The faculty member will determine the rotation pattern after receiving class rosters and room assignments (with capacity limits) the week before classes begin. The University does not prescribe a uniform rotation criterion as long as the rotation pattern allows for social distancing in the room assigned and, whenever possible, to provide space for those wishing to attend every class meeting on campus. We believe the likelihood of rotation patterns this Spring is minimal.

Minus IconPlus IconWho will notify me of my rotation schedule?

The faculty member is required to notify the class before the first class day about the rotation pattern, if any, so that you will know if you are allowed to attend in person that first day. You are not required to notify your instructor you will not attend class on the day you are assigned to attend, but you should notify the instructor if you plan to attend when you are not assigned to attend. Whether on campus or not, you are required to “attend” class meetings – either virtually or in person on campus.

Minus IconPlus IconWill class attendance be taken?

Yes. Faculty will need to know who attended class on campus to help contact tracers identify those who may need to be tested or quarantined should a classmate become ill with COVID-19. Please remember to retain face-coverings and to maintain social distance when entering, leaving, or simply hanging out inside or outside TAMIU buildings. Faculty will keep class attendance on Blackboard.

Minus IconPlus IconMust I come to campus to take quizzes, exams or turn in papers?

No. All quizzes and exams will be taken online in Blackboard to accommodate all students and to avoid exchanging papers. All papers will be submitted to Turnitin so that your instructor has access to your work without the risk of exchanging papers. Faculty are required to grade papers using the grading feature in Turnitin, also to avoid unnecessary exchanges.

Minus IconPlus IconMust I purchase an exam proctoring license?

Yes. All students need to purchase a year-long license for Respondus. The cost is $15, and you will be able to use it in all of your classes. If you are using a Chrome book, you will purchase Proctorio. We take the TAMIU Honor Code seriously and enforce it rigorously. The Honor Code and its enforcement by our Honor Council ensures your grades and eventually your diploma is not debased nor devalued by those who are dishonest.

Student Services

Minus IconPlus IconWill I be able to use the computers in computer Labs, in the SkyLab, and in the Library?

Yes. You will be able to use the computers in all computer labs, but based on demand, not all labs will necessarily be open.

Minus IconPlus IconWill I be able to get tutoring in the Learning Center and help with papers in the Writing Center?

Yes. Both will be open for on campus assistance, but if you are not on campus, you will be able to get online tutorial help. Face-coverings are required to receive any office services, and social distancing must be maintained.

Minus IconPlus IconWill I be able to have conferences with my professors?

Yes. All full-time faculty will keep office hours on campus, but because of the sizes of some of their offices, they may require these be conducted virtually (e.g., Webex, Zoom, Facetime, Skype) or they may identify larger rooms where they can meet with you in person. Wherever you do meet, wear your face-covering. All faculty teaching exclusively online classes will establish specific hours when they are available for individual conferences (via chat or video conferencing or phone), and will provide guidance in their syllabi on what your expectations should be in terms of replies to email inquiries (generally, it will be within 24 hours, Monday – Friday).

Minus IconPlus IconWill I be able to get academic advising?

Yes. Academic advisors at the Advising and Mentoring Center and in the various Colleges or Schools will be available. To see them, make an appointment. Like your professors, they will be physically present on campus to help you, but you may prefer virtual advising sessions. Face- coverings and social distancing are required for all in-person consultations.

Minus IconPlus IconWill the Killam Library be open?

Yes. The Library will be open a sufficient number of hours to meet your needs. We will start off the semester with more limited hours, but we will increase those hours as needed. We are working on policies regarding access to stacks and study rooms, but you will be able to get help from reference librarians, have access to all Killam Library databases, obtain interlibrary loan materials, and check out books. You will also be able to use computers on the first floor, with social distancing standards in place. As with all other areas of the campus, you will need a face-covering to enter and remain in the Library, and must maintain appropriate social distance from others.

Minus IconPlus IconWhat about other student services?

All Student Health Services, the Counseling Center, Disability Services, Career Services, Financial Aid, Admissions, Registrar, Bursars, Bookstore, the Graduate School, and college and department offices –will be open and available, as will other offices you might need. Please contact these offices ahead of time to make an appointment, if at all possible. At this time, the Recreation Center is planning to open with limited capacity and may offer some classes and services virtually. The Game Room, however, will remain closed until the risk of virus transmission decreases significantly.

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