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What are Signature Courses?
Signature Courses are unique courses that intertwine varied disciplines so that an integrated inquiry is pursued. Signature courses are part of the Core Curriculum which provide opportunities for students to explore cross disciplinary topics through the development of rigorous intellectual skills expected of college students.  These courses target freshman students early in their college careers in an intellectually engaging multi-disciplinary experience, while exposing them to new areas of study and extraordinary faculty sharing their own areas of interest.  Signature Courses cultivate skills that are needed to become successful in meeting academic rigor expected in postsecondary settings.


Why do I have to take a Signature Course? It has nothing to do with my major! Quite the contrary—Signature Courses have everything to do with your major and life-long skills, especially ones that employers seek! Some of these skills include: metacognition, inquiry, team work, grit, growth mindset, autonomous learning, and managing ambiguity and diverse perspectives, coupled with integrative communication.

Fall 2018 Offerings 

  • Neurobiology of Love (Early College High School students only) 

Spring 2019 Offerings 

  • Neurobiology of Love and Sex 
  • Growth, Grit, and Grace: What Brain Plasticity Can Do for You
  • James Bond 
  • Climate Change and Sustainability 
  • An"other" Perspective
  • Media Literacy
  • Border Issues
  • Becoming Resilient: Positive Minds, Active Bodies 
  • The Politics of Food Culture (Food Politics) 
  • Social Justice 
  • Clickbait (RN/BSN students only) 

Outstanding Student Researchers
SPring 2018 


The following students were selected by their faculty as outstanding student researchers! Congratulations on your outstanding work. 

Rodrigo V. Aldape
Clarissa Alvarado
Job Aaron Alvarado
Keanu Born
Melissa Bustamante
Alma Cerda
Natalia Chavez
Yuliani P. Colon 
Marcos Enriquez
Karla L. Garza
Micaela Belen Guerra
Lesly C. Lopez
Anisabeth Martinez 
Christina N. Mendoza
Irais Morales
Humberto Moreno
Angelica Navarro
Mary Newton
Melissa Ortega
Sabrina Pacheco
Jacqueline A. Ramirez
Jazlyn N. Salinas
Catarina M. Samaniego
Ana Cristina Silva
Lathan Cole Tolbert
Erick Adrian Vega
Alan Villarreal 
Spr 2018 Outstanding Student Researchers

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