TRiO Photo Gallery 


18th Annual Awards Dinner 

TRiO's annual awards dinner this year was held on September 15, 2018 in the Student Center Ballroom. This year the theme was a Hawaiian Hula. During the awards dinner, we acknowledge students and alumni for their active participation in TRiO, Star Club and Academic Achievement.   







TAMIU University Life Awards

Advisors and members of The Star Club attended this years awards banquet. 





TAMIU TRiO Graduation medals are given out to the graduating seniors during the Universty College Honor Cord Ceremony and are worn during the graduating ceremonies..







Dusty Camps (Freshman Orientations)

Every summer, TAMIU holds several Dusty Camps that help new incoming freshman learn everything there is at TAMIU. During these Dusty Camps, all offices have an opportunity to speak to these students to provide more information at the Resource Camp hosted by the Dusty Camps and SOLE.