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What are Signature Courses?
Signature Courses are unique courses that intertwine varied disciplines so that an integrated inquiry is pursued. Signature courses are part of the Core Curriculum which provide opportunities for students to explore cross disciplinary topics through the development of rigorous intellectual skills expected of college students.  These courses target freshman students early in their college careers in an intellectually engaging multi-disciplinary experience, while exposing them to new areas of study and extraordinary faculty sharing their own areas of interest.  Signature Courses cultivate skills that are needed to become successful in meeting academic rigor expected in postsecondary settings.


Why do I have to take a Signature Course? It has nothing to do with my major! Quite the contrary—Signature Courses have everything to do with your major and life-long skills, especially ones that employers seek! Some of these skills include: metacognition, inquiry, team work, grit, growth mindset, autonomous learning, and managing ambiguity and diverse perspectives, coupled with integrative communication.

Featured signature course

What’s for Dinner? The Politics of Food Culture

PROFESSOR: Deborah Scaggs, Ph.D.

ABSTRACT: What we choose to eat is shaped by several factors: cultural traditions, social surrounding, economic status, geography, advertising, and federal laws. Known as “food politics,” the intersection of these factors shapes with what we actually eat, and what we “choose” to eat is not as democratic as we think. Not only is human health at stake, but also the impact on our environment. Examining food politics as the reflection of one's individual, national, and global identities will allow students to consider the interconnectedness of several components of food beyond what is on their plate.

DISCIPLINES EMBEDDED: Dietary Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, Rhetoric

Summer 2017 Offerings 

  • Disaster Management (department approval required)

Fall 2017 Offerings 

  • Race in America Matters (Early College High School students only) 

Spring 2018 Offerings 

Spring 2017 Student Research Awards

The following students were selected by their faculty as outstanding student researchers! Congratulations on your outstanding work. 

Ruby Ayala
Ramses Betancourt
Carlos Cardona 
Katya Castañeda
Sofia Cisneros
Jesus Cruz
Graciela Fuentes
Javier Garcia 
Sofia Garcia 
Sarah Hagy
Sara Hassoun
Valeria Leal
Luis Mota
Melissa Olmeda 
Saul Parra
Nelly Salazar
Amanda Saucedo
Josue Tapia 

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