Independent Contractor, International Visitors, and Non-Service Stipends Forms

Independent Contractor Agreement and Employee vs. Independent Contractor Checklist

The forms above are to be completed by the contracting department and routed for pre-approval before the contractor signs the agreement. Once your Independent Contractor Agreement is pre-approved, it will be returned to the contracting department so the contractor's signature can be obtained.

1099/1042-S Misc. Income Agreement and Direct Deposit Authorization for Independent Contractors

Once a pre-approved contract is returned to your department and signed by your contractor, the forms above are to be completed by your contractor.

   For vendor set up in FAMIS, your contractor will also need to complete and submit one of the following forms -

      Form W-9 - Used to set up a U.S. vendor in FAMIS (Linked to Comptroller's Office website)

For Foreign Vendor Set-Up in FAMIS, please click here


International Visitor Request Form 

Faculty wishing to host a foreign visiting scholar must complete this form before travel arrangements are made and an official invitation is sent to the scholar.


Individual Payment Request form and Instructions 

This form is only used for non-service payments made to individuals who are not employed by TAMIU or not current students at TAMIU. This form can only be used to pay an individual for attendance/participation in grant-related workshops or research, a prospective student athletes for reimbursement of travel expenses, and to process a refund of expenses.

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