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The Strategic Plan 2011-2015 is available here



Dear University Community Members,

The lives of all great universities share a common ancestry: a guiding
commitment to strategic planning. The Strategic Plan guides the growth and success of all universities and helps to ensure a shared experience and
quantifiable end result. It also undergirds the University’s assessment scheme and vital accreditation retention. Most important, it offers a powerful
testament to our shared mission and vision.

Before you is the University’s Strategic Plan Workbook that provides the
critical structure for our Strategic Plan 2016-2020. Please review carefully and consider this your roadmap to the planning crucial to the future of this

Just like other University initiatives, this Plan will only represent us all if all of us are represented in its creation. Those of you who have been affiliated with the University for some time know that this single document can inform, invite and retain funding allocations by our Legislature, our federal government, our community partners, and our collaborative agents. Those of you new to the University will soon find the Plan is a fully integrated part of our existence.

More than any other University document, The Strategic Plan provides a standard by which we can measure our mission, secure our vision, and deliver our promise. And so, your role in this document is certainly pivotal.

Again, please review and keep this Strategic Plan Workbook close to mind and close to heart. You are, after all, holding our future in your hands.

To read the whole plan click here