Have An EXIT Strategy

Have an exit strategy


The Office of The Texas State Fire Marshall has initiated a new campaign to remind people to be ALERT of their surroundings at ALL times.  Do you know the fastest EXIT out of your building? 

Poster Reads: Solve This Puzzle AS If Your Life Depended On It.

Maze.exit strategy


We have distributed brochures, CD-ROMs, magnets, pins and door hangers to campus offices to create fire safety awareness.  If additional brochures or advertisements are needed, do not hesitate to call our Physical Plant/EHS Office at ext. 2194.  Click here to find the Have an EXIT Strategy brochure in both English and Spanish.

Below are posters found around TAMIU campus promoting fire safety awareness. If you need extra copies, you can contact our Physical Plant/EHS Office at ext. 2194.  

Poster Reads: In A Fire, They Stop Being Your Friends.

fire and friends.exit strategy  

Poster Reads: You Have A Strategy for Getting Out of The Parking Lot.
How About One From Getting Out a Burning Concert Hall?

last door.exit strategy


Poster Reads: If A Fire Breaks Out and 200 People Are Trying To Escape,

Here's What The Front Door.....  Will Feel Like.

2door closed. exit strategy