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 The Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies degree requires thirty-six hours of coursework with two (2) 18-hour areas of specialization1. Students who wish to pursue an MAIS degree plan must write a proposal detailing and explaining their academic interests, including a synthesis derived from the proposed areas of disciplinary specialization. Likewise, this proposal shall outline how their interdisciplinary degree plan will meet their educational needs. This proposal must be reviewed and approved by an advisor from each area of specialization and by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences before admission to the program. A written comprehensive examination taken during the last semester of coursework will require knowledge and synthesis of the areas of specialization.
First Area Coursework* 18 SCH
Second Area Coursework* 18 SCH


*Areas of Specialization may be selected from: Biology, Curriculum&Instruction, Fitness&Sports, English, History, Mathematics, Political Science, Psychology, Reading, Sociology and Spanish. Students must contact the chair of each area of specialization for specific information regarding stemwork, prerequisites and curriculum preparation.
1MAIS with three areas of Specialization
  First Area Coursework*   18 SCH  
  Second Area Coursework*   9 SCH  
  Third Area Coursework*   6 SCH  
MAIS 5397 Individualized Interdisciplinary Study   3 SCH  
 Total   36 SCH  

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