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EDAM 5637
Internship in Clinical Leadership
Six semester hours.
This course focuses on the application of administrative tasks in an internship field-based experience. The course entails observation, shadowing, and solving problems by working with a school administrator under co-guidance of a university professor. Students will be required to complete one full semester of field work during the regular school year or the equivalent of two-semesters during the summer. Assignments include the implementation of techniques and styles of administered behavior in at least one campus level. Also required is the development of an action research plan for change based on a need linked to a campus improvement plan utilizing: quality student performance, learner-centered collaboration, continuous improvement, formative assessment, faculty support, developmental supervision, professional development strategies, community partnerships, curriculum building, high expectations, ethical treatment, organizational management, PEIMS, and the Academic Excellence Indicator System. Prerequisite: Master's degree in educational administration or its equivalent. Participants are selected by the sponsoring school district.

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