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NURS 4170
Professional Role Preceptorship
One semester hour, clinical only.

This is a capstone course with a concentrated seminar/clinical practicum that utilizes clinical and theoretical concepts to assist senior level nursing student’s transition and socialize into professional practice and nursing across health care delivery systems. The course assists students to synthesize knowledge and skills required of new graduates including refinement of clinical judgment, problem-solving, priority-setting, time management, and interdisciplinary collaborations and communication. This 15-week rotation includes a clinical practicum with a Registered Nurse in the medical-surgical, adult, pediatric, maternal child, neonatal critical care, or adult care units. Placement is the final semester senior year. To earn credit, this course must be completed with a grade of “C” or better. Prerequisite: All other course work must be completed; with concurrent enrollment in NURS 4290, NURS 4670, and NURS 4340.

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