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NURS 4570
Comprehensive Emergent Care
Five semester hours, two theory, three clinical. (SP)
This course focuses on the development of advanced nursing knowledge and skills in the acute care of high risk populations. Because students will have contact during the course with individuals and families from diverse cultural groups, health care problems and needs are examined with regard for the unique influences of divergent cultural, economic, and political forces. However, the emphasis of the course is on the mastery of competencies and confidence in the provision of direct nursing care to high risk individuals demanding emergent care. Students will assess, plan, implement, and evalaute comprehensive nursing care with clients at risk during post traumatic events, bioterrorism events, and environmental disasters. To earn credit, this course must be completed with a grade of “C” or better. Prerequisites: NURS 3302, NURS 3314, NURS 3315, and NURS 3590, and/or Permission of Instructor. (Formerly NURS 4470) Course fee: $50.00 for basic nursing student; $200.00 for RN/BSN student.

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