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NURS 3558
Psychiatric Mental and Medical Issues in Nursing
Five semester hours, three theory, two clinical. (SS)
This clinical course focuses on culturally competent nursing care for persons experiencing alterations in mental health status. Application of the nursing process will be instituted with individuals, families and/or groups who are adapting to these alterations. Particular attention is given to cultural influences and caring psychosocial interventions in a variety of community-based settings, long-term care facilities and acute mental health settings. Student competence in therapeutic communication, group process and the counselor role will be further developed. To earn credit, this course must be completed with a grade of "C" or better. (Advanced standing for Registered Nurses.) Prerequisites: NURS 3315, NURS 3525, NURS 3665. Co-requisite: NURS 3405 and NURS 3526.

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